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Did You Feel a Chill?: Favorite Haunted Places around the World

Did You Feel a Chill?: Favorite Haunted Places around the World. | CosmosMariners.com

On vacation, most kids collect postcards or sweatshirts. I collected (and still do!) books on local haunted spots. At seven, I visited my grandma in Myrtle Beach and found a copy of Nancy Rhyne's Coastal Ghosts--and an obsession was born.  My bookshelf now struggles under the weight of all of my ghost story books, but I'm still on the lookout for more!

Despite the fact that I may be the biggest chicken alive, I love the thrill of reading a ghost story or going on a ghost tour. There's so much history, intrigue, and underbelly-of-the-city activity wrapped up in all of them that keeps me going back for more.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favorite haunted spots and share them alongside some other bloggers' favorites.

Location: St. Francis Inn, St. Augustine, Florida

Did You Feel a Chill?: Favorite Haunted Places around the World. | CosmosMariners.com

As I was carrying my bags up to my room earlier this year, another guest greeted me in the hallway and said, "You know this place is haunted, right?" He then proceeded to tell me that during his last stay, he and his wife had listened to the sound of little girls laughing in the hallway outside their room all night.

Goodbye, good night's sleep!

I later found out that the St. Francis Inn is a hotbed of activity. One of the desk managers told us that she often sees things moving out of the corner of her eye, that televisions turn on without anyone being in the room, and something keeps opening and closing the doors of the washer and dryer.

Given that the inn has been in existence since 1791, it's no wonder that a few residents might have wanted to stick around the property. I may or may not have slept fitfully during my entire three night stay! It's tough to try and rest while you're simultaneously keeping an ear out for spirits.

Location: Old Sheldon Church, Yemassee, South Carolina

Did You Feel a Chill?: Favorite Haunted Places around the World. | CosmosMariners.com

This gorgeous shell of a church is hidden away off of Highway 17 between Charleston and Hilton Head, but it is well worth a quick detour. During the day, it's awe inspiring to walk between the large columns and imagine what the place looked like before it was burned.

At night, however, you might just run into one of the spirits that prowl this area. There's supposedly a woman who's looking for her baby: she's buried on the property in the small graveyard.

One of my sister's former co-workers, a normally unshakeable police officer, had a hobby of going out on paranormal investigations around Charleston. When he visited the Old Sheldon Church, he and his team distinctly heard a female voice wailing in the dark. The ruins aren't close to any other houses or buildings, so they weren't sure what they were hearing!

(For an easy day trip to this and two other spooky ruins in the South Carolina Lowcountry, check out this post.)

Location: Portland Underground, Oregon
Contributed by: Angie Golish, My So Called Chaos

Did You Feel a Chill?: Favorite Haunted Places around the World. | CosmosMariners.com
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In it's heyday, the Portland Underground was a hotbed of horrors and illegal activity.  It was home to prostitutes, the homeless, and criminals-both on the run and in current crime. These catacombs became known as the Shanghai Tunnels due to the amount of shanghaiing that occurred at that time, which the law tried to combat by hanging signs encouraging sailors and individuals to call home.  The vast majority of sailors, ranch hands, hard-workers-and even children-were kidnapped, dragged through the tunnels, and sold to sea-captains to work on boats or be sold along the voyage.

These days, the tunnels are shut down, but you can purchase a tour and learn the history for yourself as you're led through the various abandoned rooms and vaults hiding beneath a very active city.  The host will tell you about the various ghosts that are said to haunt the tombs, which are still partially furnished and still contain some items that were left behind by prostitutes, thieves, and children that passed through. They even offer a reward for anyone who is able to capture a spirit on camera.  

Unfortunately we didn't see one first hand, but this tour was definitely worth it because the history is rich and the atmosphere is very eerie!

Location: Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
Contributed by: Shandos Cleaver, Travelnuity

Did You Feel a Chill?: Favorite Haunted Places around the World. | CosmosMariners.com
{photo via Thomas Huxley on Flickr | Creative Commons License}

When I was in high school, I visited Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia with my parents. Port Arthur is an old convict prison, where the worst-of-the-worst prisoners in Australia were sent. Now, I’ve never believed in ghosts (and am these days happy to take my dog to the local park at night, situated in an old cemetery), but it was different that bright summer day at Port Arthur…

I entered a room in one of the old, still-intact buildings and started to read the information plaque on the wall. But then I sensed something… I felt chilled, and was certain there was someone else in the room. I looked around the room, but there was no one there. And then I started to read about the supposed hauntings that had taken place in that very room over the years. I quickly hurried away to find my family, and quickly head back out into the bright sunshine outside.

Is it worth visiting? Yes, it’s a fascinating place, with beautiful old buildings, many just ruined shells. But I would advise you to stay away from the nighttime ghost tours!

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Location: Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Contributed by: Kayla Miller, The Felicity Jar

Did You Feel a Chill?: Favorite Haunted Places around the World. | CosmosMariners.com
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The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is said to be the most haunted hotel in America. It got this way due to several deaths there over the course of its 100+ year existence, including the deaths of many cancer patients hoping to be healed when it served as Dr. Baker’s hoax hospital. 

The Crescent is nothing short of creepy, and the best part is that there are nightly tours of both the hotel and the extra disturbing morgue. We took the tour for the first time in 2014, and while it was full of interesting tales of the ghostly residents, it was also very history-heavy, which was great for my lovely companion, who is much less ghost story inclined than I am. 

Because the hotel is still in operation, you can do one better than the tour and stay in the hotel overnight. We were not brave enough to do this, but you can choose to stay in the rooms said to be most haunted if you’re up for it!  


And just for kicks and giggles, you can also check out the scariest destinations in the world, as suggested by Travel Observers blog. 

Are you ready to visit all of these places? What haunted spots have you visited? Do you have any ghost tour recommendations?

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