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Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World {Guest Post by Talk of the Trains}

Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World {Guest Post by Talk of the Trains} | CosmosMariners.com

Hi, again, Mariners! Today, you're in the capable hands of Lauren from Talk of the Trains.

Lauren's been blogging since 2008 and shares everything from her amazing DIY projects to her family's travels. Below, she's sharing her best tips on how to save money on a Walt Disney World vacation. While I love Disney as much as the next person, I'm all for saving money while I'm there--after all, the more I save, the more I can travel!

If you have ever been to Disney, you know it can be pricey. My family of five just got home from our first trip to see the Mouse and had a blast. Between the trip itself, preparations needed for the trip and then your week actually on property, it can all add up. While most Disney travelers think and plan for the extras, there are ways to save a little along the way and I wanted to share those with you today!

Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World {Guest Post by Talk of the Trains} | CosmosMariners.com
Lauren and her family on their recent trip to Disney World
For us, shopping smart before our trip and a bit of planning paid off while we were there. Here are five ways that you can save as you plan, travel and play at Disney World.

ONE: Coordinating Clothes and Packing
Lets be honest. Everyone matches at Disney. Whether its for a family reunion, a newlywed couple or just the kids, its kind of like Disney law that you at least coordinate for a day. We saw people who had shirts made for everyday - including the drive to and the day they were leaving - and people who had attire all day and then PJ's at night! 

Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World {Guest Post by Talk of the Trains} | CosmosMariners.comPersonalizing clothes (and purchasing them for night and day) can be cute but pricey. While I wanted my kids to match a day or two, I knew I couldn't afford to have monogrammed, embroidered, fancy outfits for every day of the week. 

The Target online clearance had a HUGE section of Disney clothes and then Walmart always has a decent selection for less. We got matching shirts for our family and I snagged the kids a few extra outfits that were on clearance...we're talking $3.50 for an Elsa shirt - which in five-year-old girl world is like winning the lottery. I put the boys in Frozen shirts too (one was $4.50 and the other $3) so for $11 they matched. They were thrilled with their new stuff and it fit the budget.

TWO: Dollar Store and Traveling
The Dollar Store always has Mickey and Minnie trinkets and we stocked the kids car to-do bags with goodies from here. 

They consisted of Mickey stickers, little Disney pencil boxes filled with crayons and pencils, coloring books and more. Totally got us in the Disney mood and my kids were happy to have new things to play with as we drove....Mommy and Daddy were happy that they had things to do and weren't asking over and over,  "if we were there yet!?" 

Also, some friends said that they have purchased toys from the Dollar Store, traveled down with them and when the kids ask to buy stuff in the park, they give them a selection of these to choose from instead. You do have to carry, hide and keep up with that, but it is a thrifty option! 
Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World {Guest Post by Talk of the Trains} | CosmosMariners.com

THREE: Shopping In the Park? Instead Press Pennies and Trade Pins
All over Disney World are little booths that you can press pennies. They have a variety of designs in each one and my kids loved searching all over the parks for the penny pressers. We took a sleeve of quarters since each machine is around $0.50 and all the way up to $1.25 and my kids loved looking for them, choosing which one they would make and then cranking them. This saved us from going in and out of stores and having the gimmies as we made the penny pressing a game and they were so into that they didn't think anything of shopping. I think we came home with over 20 pressed pennies! 

At Disney World, all of the cast members wear a ribbon around their neck full of Disney pins. You can trade pins with them and this is lots of fun too. Since my kids were into the penny pressing, we saved this for a future trip down. They sell starter kits at Disney for around $20, but one of my Disney loving friends recommended picking up some at the Outlets and said it was cheaper there. I have not tried it, but am filing that one in the back of my brain!  

FOUR: Event Plan with Glow Sticks!
Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World {Guest Post by Talk of the Trains} | CosmosMariners.comLots of Disney's evening events have lights, fireworks, flashing lights and more. They sell all of the glow stick paraphernalia you could ever want, but its pricey. We snagged a few from the dollar rack at Target and took them with us. The second that my kids asked for one, I pulled our cheap ones out. 

I threw a glowing necklace and bracelet on them and they had wands in each hand and were happy campers. 

FIVE: Dining - Take Food and Drink In
We were on a meal plan so we had two meals covered, but my littles always seem to be hungry or thirsty. You can carry into Disney World soft sided coolers and food and drink and so we did that to save a few bucks on all of the overpriced in park snacks. I didn't want to carry a ton, so we skipped the cooler and just threw snacks in our backpack. 

Great snack ideas include fruit pouches, individual chips, individual cereal packs, Capri Suns, granola bars, oranges, bananas, apples and gummies. I have heard that people take suckers for their kids while they are in line, so if you have antsy waiters, you may want to have a few of those on hand too! 

We also took in bottled water and then just refilled the bottles throughout the day. If you are on the dining plan and have snacks, you can use your free snack at STARBUCKS. WHAAAATTTT!?? Guess who had Starbucks for free while we were there, yup, this girl!! Thanks to the free Starbucks, taking in snacks and the bottled water trick, we spent very little on extra food and drink!

Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World {Guest Post by Talk of the Trains} | CosmosMariners.com

I hope that helps as you plan your trip and think about ways to save and where to splurge! I am happy to answer any questions you have and I would love for you to come visit me and follow along over at Talk of the Trains! 


What's your favorite way to save money at Walt Disney World?

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