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Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com
Our home away from home for a few days while in Ireland! Just call me Queen Natalie.

My husband, Landon, and I love to find new ways to explore the world. Whether we're trying somewhere for the first time or we're going back to a favorite haunt, we'll look at ways to personalize our visit. Neither of us had been to the Emerald Isle before this time, and in an effort to do something different than what we'd done on our other British Isles visits, we decided to plunge in the waters of AirBnB and VRBO while in Ireland.

The result was an overview of the best Ireland AirBnBs, and we came away with a new appreciation of the culture and people of the Emerald Isle. We can't wait to go back to explore even more!

While there, we only stayed in one B&B (on the Aran Islands, where neither AirBnb nor VRBO had any offerings): the rest of the time, we stayed in cabins, cottages, and apartments run by locals.

Besides this being our first visit to Ireland, this was also our first experience with staying in these types of properties. We'd always heard that Ireland was famed for its hospitality, and we were putting that to the test in the most literal way possible.

Ultimately, we loved Ireland and our experiences at each of our hosts' homes. Everyone we met was welcoming and wonderful--we felt as if we were locals, even if it was just for a few days!

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com

Here are the 5 best Ireland AirBnBs that we called our temporary homes while on our Irish road trip and the fantastic hosts who made our visits so memorable:

The Cabin, County Cork

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com
Host: Ann

AirBnB listinghttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3173280

Sleeps: 2

Selling points: incredible view, right on the ocean, open floor plan

Great base for: Kinsale, Cork, Ring of Kerry

Overview: The cottage is located right next to Ann's home, so she's only a few steps away if her guests need anything. She told me that her dad had purchased the property after he came home from serving in World War II; he'd always wanted to live on the coast.

Ann grew up on the property, and she and her husband modified it to include the small cottage that she now has available on AirBnB. Once her art cottage, the adorable house has a fully furnished kitchen, a shower, a sitting area (with toasty buck stove!), and a queen bed.

When we arrived, Landon and I had been up for nearly 48 hours straight, as we hadn't been able to sleep on the plane before launching ourselves into a full day of sightseeing. Ann had the cabin warm for us when we arrived, and had milk, eggs, butter, tea, and bread waiting for our breakfast the next day. Even though a horrendous storm came through the night we stayed there, the cabin stayed warm and dry. We were so excited to wake up to such a gorgeous view

Ann also rents out an annex on the main house, which comes with equally spectacular views.

Charming Rural Cottage, County Clare

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com
Host: Kieran

AirBnB listinghttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6720893

Sleeps: 4 (2 in master, 2 in loft)

Selling points: in floor heating, washer/dryer, gorgeous fireplace

Great base for: Cliffs of Moher, Limerick, the Burren, Bunratty

Overview: After our excellent experience with our first ever AirBnB the night before, my husband and I were excited to see how the rest of our stays would compare. We wound our way up from County Cork to County Clare, arriving at Kieran's cottage just after dark. He welcomed us with a big smile and a quick tour of our temporary accommodations, which are attached to his house.

He'd included the cottage section when he built the house in the hopes of renting it out; since he added it on AirBnB, Kieran told us that he's hosted people from all over the world. We enjoyed talking with him as we settled in and hearing some of his travel stories including a recent trip to Southeast Asia. One of my favorite stories that he shared with us was about the beautiful fireplace in the living room: he found it while visiting France and hauled it home to Ireland in the back of a rented truck. Now, that's dedication to your souvenirs!

The cottage was quite comfortable, and my feet appreciated the in-floor heating in the midst of the Irish winter. Kieran left us with a stack of cut wood for the fireplace, which also helped keep us cozy. I could see this being a fantastic retreat for a family on vacation, as there's plenty of room for 4 to sleep.

Caherkimonwee Castle, County Galway

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com

Host: Peter

AirBnB listinghttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/658697

Sleeps: 5 (1 on couch in living room, 2 in loft, 2 in main sleeping area)

Selling points: historic accommodations, huge fireplaces

Great base for: Aran Islands, Connemara, Galway

Overview: I've visited many, many castles in my jaunts around Europe, but this was the first time that I'd had the chance to stay in one! Although this was the most expensive of our stays on the trip (but still not that tough on the pocketbook at $150 a night), it was also the most unique of the properties and worth a bit of a splurge.

Because we had very little cell reception while on the trip, we kind of just showed up at the castle, much to Peter's surprise. He and his family were just about to head out to the store, but he took time out to show us around anyway. When he purchased the castle 20 years ago, the place was in ruins, but he's devoted his life to restoring it, and his passion for the project shows.

The AirBnB listing is for the top two floors of the castle: the upper most floor is where the bedroom and loft are, while the penultimate floor houses the bathroom (including an incredible recessed bathtub!), living area, and fully furnished kitchen. We loved climbing the spiral staircase to our accommodations and marveling at the way that Peter has carefully restored the fortified tower house.

Three Bears Cottage, County Meath

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com
Host: Michelle

AirBnB listinghttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/5667505

Sleeps: 4 (2 in master bedroom, 2 in upstairs loft)

Selling points: clean and comfortable cottage, gorgeous restoration

Great base for: Slane, Newgrange site, Battle of the Boyne, Boyne Valley

Overview: Michelle's smiling face and upbeat personality was just the lift we needed after a long day of driving and sightseeing. She was very prompt when meeting us at the cottage and gave us some great recommendations for dining in the area.

The cottage itself was precious! Michelle and her family purchased the cottage (which dates from the late 1800s) in the hopes of restoring is as a rental property. Their attention to detail in the process has created a property that makes amazing use of the available space while including plenty of 21st century comforts.

Located just 45 minutes outside of Dublin, the Three Bears Cottage was a great place for us to stay while we explored the Boyne Valley while still remaining close to the airport.

Bachelors Walk, Dublin

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com
Host: William

VRBO listinghttps://www.vrbo.com/457761ha?unitId=1087322 (Garden View)

Sleeps: 3 (2 in bedroom, 1 on couch)

Selling points: incredible location, quiet retreat

Great base for: Temple Bar, Dublin city centre

Overview: When I was researching places to stay in Dublin, I couldn't find a property on AirBnB that spoke to me and was in my budget. I went over to VRBO and found this cute and incredibly convenient apartment right on the River Liffey! If you look at the top photo (the one with the bridge in it), our apartment was hidden away in the complex in that tiny grey strip of building between the two brick buildings. You'd never know it from the street, but there's a large, quiet complex behind that exterior.

While the apartment was simple but clean, the location of the property was what sold me on it. We were just across Halfpenny Bridge from Temple Bar, and about a 10 minute walk to Grafton Street, Trinity College, and the National Museum.

I loved the fully furnished kitchen; on our first day in Dublin, we went around the corner to the huge Tesco to buy groceries. Eating in for a few of our meals was so cost effective, and, since the apartment was so close to everything, it wasn't a big deal to walk home for lunch.


Have you stayed in an AirBnB or VRBO property before? Do you agree that these are the best Ireland AirBnBs?

I was not compensated in any way by these properties. All bookings were researched, selected, and paid for on my own.

Castles and Cottages: 5 Best Ireland AirBnBs | CosmosMariners.com


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