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Odds + (Week)Ends: Volume 14

Well, this isn't quite the post that I had planned for today, but my daughter decided that she was deathly ill on the way to school. Instead of heading to work at the coffee shop to finish up the post I was going to run, I got to bring her back to the house where her mysteriously hurting stomach cleared up suspiciously fast after a two hour nap.

In other words, I've been conned by my three year old. What a way to start the week!

While my daughter usually loves school, I suspect that I might have worn her out this weekend with everything we did.

I know that I'm definitely tired, but I suppose doing anything at 32 weeks pregnant will do that do you. Seriously, my daughter and I have been going to bed within an hour of one another lately. And her bedtime is around 7:30. Pregnancy woes.

This past weekend, I headed up to Saluda, North Carolina, with my parents and daughter--it was something I'd been looking forward to for a while, and I was glad that I hadn't gotten big and unwieldy enough to stay home.

The annual Saluda mountain weekend was a tradition that we all started about 6 years ago. Usually, it includes my sister and my husband as well, but she was busy with something for work this weekend and my husband had already made plans to visit a friend who was coming in from Richmond, so that left my parents, daughter and I to make the journey.

After hearing about our success with AirBnB in Ireland, my mom and dad wanted to try it out for this weekend. We ended up finding this gorgeous and perfectly eclectic cottage tucked away in the North Carolina mountains above historic Saluda. I seriously could've stayed in it all weekend!

Alas, we had to venture out (otherwise this might be the world's most boring weekend recap), so we headed to two of the area's most awesome attractions: SkyTop Orchard and the Biltmore House.

At SkyTop, we got to pick our own apples, which was so much fun. My daughter loved being hoisted up by my dad to get just the right apple for our bucket.

That excursion along would've been enough to send both Britton and I back to the house for naps, but we had an appointment at the Biltmore House (aka "The Castle" to my Neuschwanstein-loving daughter). Even though she was tired, Britton was a trooper as we clambered around 4 stories of the Vanderbilts' palatial home.

This will probably be the last trip I take before I get down to the business of having this second tiny traveler. Part of me relishes the down time (if you can call taking care of a toddler and a newborn post-c-section down town), but part of me can't help but wish we were able to do more traveling this fall. I LOVE fall travel because the weather is so much more agreeable and there are just so many great things to do this time of the year, but, alas, I don't have much of a choice.

Look for longer blog posts on our AirBnB cottage, the Biltmore House, visiting Saluda, and the apple orchard over the next few weeks!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, too. :D What exciting things did you see or accomplish?

P.S. I'm restarting the Odds + (Week) Ends series only with a different focus. Instead of being a weekly travel round-up, it will now be a weekend recap series for more of that day-to-day stuff that I've been wanting to add to the blog!


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