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Monthly Blog Goals: November 2016

Monthly Blog Goals: November 2016 | CosmosMariners.com

October's Goals: A Recap

I went into October with some huge goals and the need to get as much blog love in as possible before baby #2 makes his arrival on or before the 11th of this month.

How did I do? Let's see!

  • Rehab 4 older posts and share on my social media channels. I managed to rehab and share three very, very old posts, which is close enough to the goal for me to be satisfied! 

  • Write 6-8 new posts. Yes! I managed all 8! 

  • Lay out all posts through December. I've figured out what I'm posting when through the end of the year, but I haven't actually written them all (which I'm sure is a recipe for disaster). At least I've got some sort of game plan to get me through the next hellacious 8 weeks of having a newborn and a toddler and a work from home job.

  • Get guest posts lined up for maternity leave. Another success! I've got several great guest posters coming to you with some exciting content while I'm adjusting to my new normal. I just have a few pieces to schedule on my social media channels, and I'll be done. 

  • Get my Facebook page followers up to 2500. Current total as of this morning: 2527. My organic reach still isn't where I want it to be (thank you, horrible Facebook algorithm), but I'm taking baby steps. For the record, Facebook is still my least favorite of the social media platforms.

  • Get Instagram up to 8350 followers. Major fail. MAJOR MAJOR FAIL. When I decided to focus on Instagram this past month, I didn't take into consideration that I hadn't really posted anything since late April on that platform. So, when I did start posting again consistently, I began to lose followers in droves.

    I realize that this inadvertent purging is probably a good thing since it's good to get rid of people who won't interact in favor of new followers who are interested in my feed, but it is soul crushing to see a notification that you got 22 new followers but your total follow count went up back a meager 3 people due to the number of people who also unfollowed me at the same time. I'm holding steady around 8200 right now, which is up over 100 followers from the start of October, but I feel as if I've had to do some serious magic to get it there. 

  • Get my sponsored travel e-course revamped and ready to launch! DONE! And if you're interested in taking the completely reworked and seriously awesome e-course, head over to this page for more information.

  • Figure out PayPal button. This was the last thing holding me up for the relaunch of the e-course. After stressing way too much about it, adding a PayPal button to my e-course page was super, super easy, and only required a tiny bit of coding. Win.

  • Comment 3x weekly on other blogs. I started out very, very strong on this front, but slowly petered out by the end of the month. Connecting with bloggers is one of my favorite things about being in this community, and I hate that I've let it drift by the wayside. I definitely need to keep my momentum up here!

November's Goals: A Look Forward

I won't lie: I have one big goal to accomplish this month: get through it.

But, if by the hand of fate, I manage to do that, I'm going to throw a few blogging goals in there as well. I'm great at trying to do too much at the worst possible times--why stop now?!

  • Freshen up my blog header. While it will mostly stay the same, I'm hoping to add a few things to it. I want to add a slogan, which will help new visitors to the blog more immediately recognize that they've landed on a travel and lifestyle blog instead of a nautical-themed one. 

  • Rehab 2 old posts and share on social media. I just need to keep plugging away at this, one old post at a time. 

  • Write 2-4 new posts. I have a few guest posts to help me out while I'm making the hospital-to-house transition and recovering from my c-section, but I do want to publish a few new posts of my own during November. Still, I'm keeping things very basic in order not to put too much pressure on myself. 

  • Keep pushing forward on Instagram (goal: 8400). Given the tough time I had of making progress this past month, I'm going to keep plodding along on Instagram. It really is one of my favorite social media platforms, but the one-step-forward-five-steps-back thing gets old quickly.

  • Give my Twitter account some love. Twitter is a great traffic driver for me, but I tend to play with it in spurts (i.e. when I remember). I'd like to schedule out two of my posts each day for the entire month so my Twitter feed will get some love even when I'm in the hospital and bleary eyed.

  • Comment on other blogs 1x/ week. Fellow bloggers, I promise I still love you!
I'm at the point in this pregnancy where the spirit is willing but the body is weak--I have so many goals and tasks for the blog, but I have very limited time and even less energy. As of today, I'm only 8 days out from my scheduled c-section, so I don't want to plan too much for this month. Still, I love my blog, and I want it to keep moving forward ever so slightly as we meet tiny Cosmos Mariner #2!

And if you're interested in the baby side of things, I'll be sure to post pictures and updates on my social media channels when he decides to show up. It's so close now!

What goals are you hoping to accomplish this month on your blog? Which is your favorite/ least favorite social media account?

Monthly Blog Goals: November 2016 | CosmosMariners.com


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