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Monthly Blog Goals: October 2016

Monthly Blog Goals: October 2016 | CosmosMariners.com

While the months-long blog break that I inadvertently took this summer was nice, I'm now remembering why it's often a good thing to push through those times when you want to quit blogging. 

Over the last month that I've been at blogging again, I've felt as if I'm running in slow motion as I try to get this thing (and all of its associated social media) going again. Although my blog was on autopilot for a while, I can see where my pageviews and reader interaction dropped (and understandably!), and it's tough not to obsess over the numbers. I know they're going to go back up, but I have to restrain myself from checking Google Analytics multiple times a day. 

As a way to get my rear in gear, I've decided to start sharing my monthly blogging goals out in the open instead of squirreling them away in the blogging notebook I carry around. It's too easy to ignore those goals when I can quickly flip past that notebook page: here, I can see exactly how much I've done over the last 30 or so days. 

I won't lie: this is also my last full month of blogging before I will be forced to take a break (newborns don't seem to care about blogs or schedules!), so this new series is also a way to make sure I don't give up on life before it's time. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I definitely gave up on everything about a week before she was born and laid uncomfortably on the couch begging her to show up. 

I don't really have that luxury this time around, as preschoolers, much like newborns, don't have much sympathy for my personal comforts or schedules. My three-year-old is sure to keep me on the go until the last minute before this baby comes, so I'm going to try and stay as close to the usual schedule as possible as a way to psyche myself up on those days that I just want to lay on the couch and cry. 

So, what do I want to accomplish this month blog-wise? A lot!
  • Rehab 4 older posts and share on my social media channels. I have SO many posts that I kind of cobbled together before I figured out the whole blogging thing. They've got great content, but I wrote them without considering SEO keywords. I also need to go back and make more Pinterest friendly headers and enlarge some of the images since I was going through a tiny pictures phase on the blog for some reason. I seriously have over a hundred old posts to rehab, so this is s very small start to that project. 

  • Write 6-8 new posts. I need to get some great new content on the blog, too, of course!

  • Lay out all post through December. I'm a huge planner, and it makes me happy when I know exactly when I need to have things written and scheduled. 

  • Get guest posts lined up for maternity leave. I plan on taking off about 6 weeks after the baby is here since I'm not sure how coherent my writing will be on a newborn sleep schedule. If you're a blogger and you're interested in being one of my guest posters, email me at cosmosmariners@gmail.com. I'm open to anything travel related that's fun, interesting and/or quirky!

  • Get my Facebook page followers up to 2500. While Pinterest and Twitter are my jams when it comes to social media, I've long struggled in building my Facebook following. I'm really cheap and have resisted paying for any kind of ads on Facebook, but it's nearly impossible to grow on FB without paying these days (which is really a shame). Any advice from fellow bloggers here is much appreciated!

  • Get Instagram up to 8350 followers. I try to take time with each of my social media channels and work hard at them for a focused period of time. I've neglected Instagram for a while, and I think it needs some TLC!

  • Get my sponsored travel e-course revamped and ready to launch! I had great success earlier this year running an e-course on how to add sponsored travel to blogs, but the way I had the course set up put a lot of extra work on my shoulders. I'm reworking the course to make it completely self-guided, which will help my work load out a lot while still providing a ton of information to my course members. (Interested in taking the course? Sign up here!)

  • Figure out PayPal button. After Passionfruit Ads went belly up a few months ago, I needed a new way for e-course subscribers to pay. Who doesn't love PayPal!? I've glanced at a few tutorials, and the process seems pretty easy, but I just need to sit down and make time for the coding and placement.

  • Comment 3x weekly on other blogs. I LOVE reading other bloggers--it's a great source of inspiration for me, and I've gotten to meet some awesome people that way. I just get so busy sometimes that commenting on other blogs falls by the wayside, which is such a shame. Time to make this a priority!
Whew. I think that if I accomplish all of that, I can say that I went out with a bang before my maternity leave!

What are you hoping to accomplish this month on your blog?

Monthly Blog Goals: October 2016 | CosmosMariners.com


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