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Newborn Life: the First 3 Weeks

Newborn Life: the First 3 Weeks | CosmosMariners.com

Life with two kids.

That idea terrified me more than when I found out I was expecting our first kid. Perhaps it was because of the overwhelming guilt I've felt over taking time away from my beloved preschooler. Perhaps it was because I knew exactly what I was getting into this time.

Regardless of the reason, there was a lot of worry and fear swirling inside the excitement I felt back on November 11.

Three weeks into this two-kid gig, and I shouldn't have worried.

Britton has turned out to be the best big sister. She now bypasses me (her former #1 favorite person) in order to coo and talk to her baby brother. Cue the crying--both for the fact that they are so, so cute interacting, and the fact that I'm no longer my daughter's favorite (sob!).

Newborn Life: the First 3 Weeks | CosmosMariners.com

She's still figuring out that her baby brother has some limitations, and that, no, he can't have ice cream after his milk, and that, yes, his head is very, very floppy. One seriously endearing thing that Britton has started doing is asking me, "Mama, what is baby brother saying?" when he starts crying. I do my best to translate.

Gibson is a pretty fantastic baby so far, and I feel that we got lucky this time around with such an easygoing kid. Britton wasn't ever difficult--far from it--but Gibson is definitely a better sleeper than she was. And, seeing as how that's one of three things that newborns do in spades (see also: pooping and eating), I'll take what I can get!

Newborn Life: the First 3 Weeks | CosmosMariners.com
Our family of four (thanks to our amazing photographer Brandy Richardson for the pictures!)
I'm still sticking pretty close to home due to my c-section recovery. I am grateful for all of the sweet and uninterrupted time that I get with my kiddos, but I am getting a bit stir crazy since my usual routine pre-Gibson just isn't a reality right now. Sometimes, you just want to go wander around Target on a Tuesday morning, and I'm not up for that yet.

While the surgery itself went much smoother this time around thanks to a scheduled delivery, I feel as if my recovery is painfully slow. Maybe I'm in geezer territory these days-- I've hit the big 3-0 since I had my daughter back in 2013. Maybe I'm forgetting how much pain I was in back then. Maybe I'm trying to do too much too fast.

It's definitely frustrating to have to shuffle around the house for fear of 1) causing myself too much pain, and 2) wearing myself out. I had a bit of a meltdown a few days ago when I found out that the other ladies I know who delivered around the same time as me were not only out and about, but wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes. I'm doing good to haul a load of laundry from our room to the laundry room while squeezed into a pair of sweatpants. And if I've managed to put my hair in a bun--let's just say I'm on FIRE for that day.

Newborn Life: the First 3 Weeks | CosmosMariners.com
Gibson decked out for the holidays in his new Santa onesie
I'm trying to take it slow and watch myself physically and mentally since I had some sort of postpartum depression and/or anxiety after the birth of my daughter. I was too stubborn to get diagnosed back then, and it made for the worst year of my life. I look back on my daughter's infancy and remember little but the crying and the wanting to leave and the crushing belief that I was failing at everything.

Since then, I've talked with my doctor (a lot) about what to do this time around as 2nd time moms are at risk to get PPD if they've had it before. Watching myself over the last three week is tough since I'm already emotional (because, duh, I just had a baby) and my hormones are all over the place. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed, I get worried that this is the start of that horrible process again. Thankfully, it's just been typical post-baby weeping, and I still feel like my old self.

Over all, the last three weeks have been so good to us. I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our new, slightly bigger family, planning a few adventures for 2017, and getting back to my old self again!

Newborn Life: the First 3 Weeks | CosmosMariners.com


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