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Monthly Blog Goals: February 2017

Monthly Blog Goals: February 2017 | CosmosMariners.com

This past month was the first full month that I was completely on my own with both kids. For the second half of November and all of December, I had at least one other adult around me 24 hours a day to help with all of the feeding, cooking, cleaning, and laundry that goes along with having tiny humans in the house. Because of that, I not only managed to keep blogging, but make some serious headway in scheduling, writing, and planning content.

I knew that January was going to be a transition, but I was determined to meet the challenge of balancing my blogging and freelance work with meeting my two kids' needs (and, you know, making sure I was fully dressed and other basic necessities). It has not been easy, and there have been some very late, tear-filled nights where I finished what I had to do but was so tired in the process, I could barely remember how I finished it in the morning.

Yet, the days keep moving on, and I can already see my tiny newborn blossoming into a chubby, adorable little baby boy. I've tried to savor as many moments as I can with him while still spending quality time with my daughter. (And on a good day, I actually get to see my husband, too!)

So, with all of that going on, let's see how I did on my January blogging goals, shall we?

January's Goals: A Recap

  • Add a button to my sidebar for my sponsored travel e-course. Major fail. It was one of those things that I kept saying, "Today, I'm going to do this!" but then I'd get busy and forget about it.

  • Hit 10K followers on Instagram. SO CLOSE. SOOOO CLOSE. I'm hovering around 9940, so I should hit that goal in just a few days; alas, this goal was also a fail for January.

  • Reshoot pictures for my Tasty Travels series. Um. I didn't even think about this one. Not even once.

  • Reach out to one company for a review/ collaboration. Hey, I did do this! I'm working with a resort in North Carolina for a quick family friendly getaway sometime this spring, so hopefully, I can get that finalized in February. 

  • Update my media kit. Another win for me! In anticipation of my renewed travels this year, I did sit down with my media kit and plug in updated social media stats and blurbs from past partners. 

  • Post 2x/week. I managed 6 posts last month, which meant that I posted 2x a week for half of January. Considering all that I had going on, I'm calling this one a win.

February's Goals: A Look Forward

  • Post 6-8 times this month. 

  • Work on my email opt-in. I've had some ideas about what to offer for my freebie for a while, but I haven't actually made it happen. What types of freebies do you like seeing on blogs? I'm all ears!

  • Get my monthly newsletter back up and running. I've had lots of new email subscribers (yay!) but I've been kind of ghosting them (boo!) because my newsletter has been the last thing on my mind. I can handle one newsletter a month, so I need to donate an hour or so of my time this month to writing and sending that.

  • Organize sponsored stays/ activities on select days of our upcoming Western U.S. road trip. I've already started reaching out to a few hotels and CVBs, but I need to 100% finalize our itinerary so I can figure out exactly who else I need to contact. And if you have any suggestions on what to do near the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, or Denver, let me know!

  • Raise more awareness for my sponsored travel e-course. I spent HOURS last year preparing this e-course and its workbook, videos, and insanely long written lessons. I've had a good response to the e-course with the puny amount of marketing I've done for it, but I don't feel as if I've given my e-course its due diligence yet. 

  • Rehab 4 more old posts. I managed 2 last month: Bulls Island and the first installment of my Walt Disney World #4parks1day challenge. I can make 4 happen this month for sure!

  • Update template. I got a jump on this while my preschooler was hanging out with her grandparents this past weekend. I'm loving the cleaner, more modern look of the blog now!
What are your personal and blog goals for this month? 

Monthly Blog Goals: February 2017 | CosmosMariners.com


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