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When Traveling Is Unpredictable (and What You Can Do about It)

When Traveling Is Unpredictable (and What You Can Do about It) | CosmosMariners.com

Vacation is supposed to be the time when we recharge our batteries. It's an escape from the regular ins and outs of life: the bills, the commute, the school run. It's a chance to explore the world around us and experience life in one of the many beautiful places around the globe.

Traveling is fun. Until it's not.

No one wants something to disrupt their carefully planned and budgeted trips, but sometimes things happen. I've been traveling since I was a little kid, and the majority of our trips have been wonderful. They've gone exactly as planned, and generally exceeded expectations.

But there have been a few that have gone south for a variety of reasons, all of which were completely unpredictable.

The Worst of the Worst

There was the time when my family and were on a cruise ship that got caught in Hurricane Erin as she made her way across the Yucatan peninsula. I was 11, and got so sick that I would've paid big money to leave Mexico and that trip far, far behind.

When I was 19, my family and I went to Paris. On that trip, my dad got badly mugged and several important things were stolen.

When I was 20, I was studying abroad in London when the 7/7 terrorist bombings occurred. 

When Traveling Is Unpredictable (and What You Can Do about It) | CosmosMariners.com
When I was 30, I was hospitalized and had to receive a blood transfusion while visiting Walt Disney World with my mom and daughter.

On this last road trip that my family and I just returned from, my daughter fell and busted her chin wide open on the hotel bathtub. She was right on the cusp of getting to go to the ER.

Especially when you have kids, nothing seems to go perfectly to plan. Add in the fact that I'm seriously allergic to shellfish, and we often travel during hurricane season, and you've got the opportunity for things to really go south when I'm traveling.

Thankfully, they don't most of the time, but it's good to know that I have options for protecting my vacation when things do act up.

Ensuring Your Best Vacation Ever

When Traveling Is Unpredictable (and What You Can Do about It) | CosmosMariners.com
Luckily, you can swing things in your favor with travel insurance. There are so many options out there that choosing the right one can be confusing, but you definitely want one that provides emergency assistance, medical coverage in case you get sick overseas, and trip coverage in case your life interferes with your travel plans.

Generali Global Assistance (which is rebranding from CSA Travel Protection this year) gives you all of that and more. 

Need help for one of your travel companions? That's covered.

Lost your eyeglasses or medication and need a quick replacement? That's covered.

Really get yourself in some trouble and need legal counsel? That's covered.

Get caught in a serious situation like an earthquake, hurricane, or political unrest? That's covered, too.

I want to share the world with my kids, but I also want to ensure their safety while we're traveling. Generali Global Assistance gives me the reassurance that I need to book that next flight, while also giving me the flexibility to change my plans in case one of the kids (or my husband and I) get sick just before we leave.

Since we prize family vacations around my household, I'll do anything to make sure that we make the most out of our travels and vacation budget with Generali Global Assistance (check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information).

What tough things have you experienced on your travels? Do you typically cover your trips with travel insurance?

When Traveling Is Unpredictable (and What You Can Do about It) | CosmosMariners.com

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