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What to Do at Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park with a Preschooler

What to Do at Great Wolf Lodge with a Preschooler | CosmosMariners.com

Disclaimer: I worked with the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte/ Concord, North Carolina, in order to produce this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Who wouldn't love to splash and play in a massive indoor water park for a few days? The answer, I decided, was probably no one (or, at least, no one I wanted to hang out with), so I knew that I had to head up to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte/Concord, North Carolina, for some watery fun.

Calling All Paleontologists! 10 Places to Go Fossil Hunting in Colorado

Calling All Paleontologists: 10 Places to Find Fossils in Colorado | CosmosMariners.com

When I was in the 2nd grade, my teacher introduced a dinosaur unit, and I fell in love. I soon checked out every book on dinosaurs in the small school library, and I determined my favorite dinosaur (protoceratops, if you were wondering). Just over 2 decades later, and I'm still fascinated by the giant creatures that once called our planet home.

While we were on our recent road trip from Nevada to Colorado, I realized that we'd be heading straight into some of the best dinosaur territory that the U.S. had to offer. My inner 2nd grader rejoiced and immediately started researching.

What I found are all perfect activities for the entire family, so buy those plane tickets, start searching Colorado cabin rentals, and get ready for some dino-mite fun! Here's where to go fossil hunting in Colorado.

6 Fun Kids' Activities in Durham, North Carolina

6 Fun Kids' Activities in Durham, North Carolina | CosmosMariners.com

Summer time is the time for family vacations. As soon as the temperatures start to warm up, I get antsy for our next adventure. In between our 1 or 2 big trips each year, we like taking shorter trips within the Southeast: my husband and I are big believers in exploring the beautiful region we call home, so when I had the chance to visit Durham, North Carolina, with my two kids, I loaded up the car and headed up I-95.

Over 2 days, we hopped, ran, ate, and explored our way through as many of the kid-friendly spots in and around Durham that we could squeeze into our packed schedule. Here are our favorite kids' activities in Durham, North Carolina!

Hot Springs, History, and Family Fun: 2-day Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Itinerary

Hot Springs, History, and Family Fun in Glenwood Springs, Colorado: A 2 Day Itinerary | CosmosMariners.com

As we made our way across Colorado from Grand Junction to Denver, we stopped for a a quick exploration of Glenwood Springs. At first glance from I-70, Glenwood Springs is a small, unassuming little town, but once you get off of the interstate and make your way into the historic district, you'll quickly fall in love.

If you've got two days, here's a complete Glenwood Springs, Colorado, itinerary. It's really family friendly with food suggestions, play options, and lots of outdoor activities, so you could easily do Glenwood Springs with kids in tow, as well.

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow: The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs | A Review

The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow | A Review from CosmosMariners.com

Every parent who travels with their kids knows that preparation and the right products are key to a memorable family trip and content children. As we do our best to show the globe to our small kids, we've been testing out products that are supposed to make that experience easier.

On our latest trip out west, we had one thing that really saved the day: the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow. Here's why it ended up being perfect for our preschooler!

Family Travel Stress

I really love traveling with my kids. Seeing the world has been a passion of mine since I was tiny human, and I certainly wasn't going to change or stop that because I had kids of my own. 99% of the time, going out into the great big world with them is a pleasure: I get to create memories with them in new places, and see familiar spots in a fresh way through their eyes.

But. (and there is always a but.)

There's that 1% of our time together that makes me want to pull my hair out. These moments usually occur when we're all tired, hungry, and uncomfortable, and just want to be back in our comfy beds at home. Typically, the grumpiness is solved with a solid meal and a good night's rest, and we go back to having fun.

5 Awesome Things to Do in Cienfuegos, Cuba

5 Awesome Things to Do in Cienfuegos, Cuba | CosmosMariners.com

Right now, travel to Cuba is the dream destination among travel bloggers: so many people posted about their plans to head to the Caribbean as the U.S. travel restrictions were lightened. After seeing the photos of colorful streets and historic buildings, it was easy to understand why Cuba had captured the imagination of my fellow travel lovers. Located between Havana and Trinidad, Cienfuegos is the perfect stopover during your visit to Cuba and is the perfect size for some Cuban culture and adventure. Here are the top things to do in Cienfuegos, Cuba, to add to your itinerary!

Instagram Inspiration Friday: Palm Trees

Instagram Inspiration Friday: Palm Trees | CosmosMariners.com

I have failed my poor Instagram series. It was originally meant to be a weekly series, but in practice, that might be too much Instagram inspiration (if such a thing is possible). It then was going to be a bi-weekly thing, but here we are in June, a solid 6 weeks behind the last installment. April and May were just crazy, and the series was collateral damage.

So, today, I'm resuscitating the series using my rusty lifeguarding skills circa 2004 (when I was the leanest, meanest lifeguard at the neighborhood pool person who signed up for lifeguarding classes because I thought it would be a better summer job than working at the Gap). Bring me some band-aids, stat!

With no further ado (or weird lifeguarding references), here are the lovely photos I've been saving for two months on Instagram. This week's theme? Palm trees! (Picked solely because I'm obsessed with tropical places.)

30 Things I've Learned after 3 Years of Travel Blogging

30 Things I've Learned after 3 Years of Travel Blogging | CosmosMariners.com

Unlike many bloggers, I don't have a hard and fast blog birthday. I've been blogging (sometimes seriously, sometimes not so much) since September 2010, I rebranded in December 2013, and refocused in May 2014. Given those options, I usually pick May 2014 as the moment that everything changed for me since that's when I went on my first press trip, fell in love with the world of travel blogging, and decided to focus solely on travel.

Since then, I've had plenty of ups and more than my fair share of downs. I've walked away from the blog twice (once for more than 4 months). I've stressed myself out instead of focusing on the positive. I've compared myself to other travel bloggers and felt this small when I didn't measure up.

Three years into this journey, I still learn a little more every day. Yet, I have gained some valuable lessons in the process: here are the 30 things I've learned after 3 years of being a travel blogger.

Monthly Goals: June 2017

Monthly Goals: June 2017 | CosmosMariners.com

How is it June?!? Seriously, how?!

After the whirlwind that was April around here, May ended up being almost as wild--but in a much more enjoyable way, thankfully.

We headed out on our family road trip from Las Vegas to Denver, which ended up surpassing all of our wildest dreams. My husband declared it the best trip we've ever taken, a serious claim when you think about the other top contenders (Ireland, Scotland, the Caribbean, etc.).