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1st Class Kid Travel Pillow: The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs | A Review

The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow | A Review from CosmosMariners.com

Every parent who travels with their kids knows that preparation and the right products are key to a memorable family trip and content children. As we do our best to show the globe to our small kids, we've been testing out products that are supposed to make that experience easier.

On our latest trip out west, we had one thing that really saved the day: the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow. Here's why it ended up being perfect for our preschooler!

Family Travel Stress

I really love traveling with my kids. Seeing the world has been a passion of mine since I was tiny human, and I certainly wasn't going to change or stop that because I had kids of my own. 99% of the time, going out into the great big world with them is a pleasure: I get to create memories with them in new places, and see familiar spots in a fresh way through their eyes.

But. (and there is always a but.)

There's that 1% of our time together that makes me want to pull my hair out. These moments usually occur when we're all tired, hungry, and uncomfortable, and just want to be back in our comfy beds at home. Typically, the grumpiness is solved with a solid meal and a good night's rest, and we go back to having fun.

Preschooler vs. the Plane

One place that I haven't been able to get that balance when traveling with kids in on an airplane. I know--it's a complete stereotype: the worn out mom (or dad) with the rambunctious kids that everyone else is majorly side-eyeing on a long flight. When you put a tiny person whose main goal in life is to move as much as physically possible into a space that's smaller than some pet crates, there's going to be a conflict of interest.

The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow | A Review from CosmosMariners.com
On her first plane ride in 2015: so excited she can't sit still for the photo!
My daughter (who's just turned 4 and is one of the most active, outgoing people I've ever met) loves airplanes, but hates being still on them. If she's still, she might fall asleep, and she really, really hates sleeping on airplanes. We did a trans-Atlantic flight to Germany when she was 2.5, and she slept maybe an hour. She was straddled across my mom and me and just couldn't get comfortable enough to get some decent rest. When we flew from Amsterdam to Charleston (a 3 plane journey), she didn't sleep at all, and was miserable by our last leg from Atlanta to Charleston.

Really, though, who doesn't have trouble sleeping on an airplane? The seats are uncomfortably straight (even if you "recline" them), the armrests are uncomfortable, and there's nowhere to put your feet. If I have trouble sleeping on a plane, then how do I expect my preschooler to calm down and look forward to her rest time?

When we began to shore up our plans for our recent road trip from Las Vegas to Denver, I started to look for something, anything that might help my daughter rest more on our flights. On the way out to Las Vegas, we had a flight that landed at 9:45 p.m. local time (so, 12:45 to our weary East Coast selves). On the way back, we were taking the red eye that left at 11 PM Denver time.

If I ever needed her to rest on a trip, this would be the one.

The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow | A Review from CosmosMariners.com
How Britton normally tries to sleep on the plane--sideways in the seat with her head propped up on the armrest.
Also, ignore the fact that I am full-on passed out over there in the corner! We'd been up all day hauling 2 kids around, and I was done

Enter the 1st Class Travel Pillow

I did a Google search for "how to help your kid sleep on an airplane" and found what seemed like the answer to my prayers: the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow. According to the website, the travel pillow inflated via the A/C vent above your seat, fit easily between your seat and the one in front of you (without bothering fellow passengers), and provided a stable sleeping surface for a child.

I immediately reached out to the company and asked if they'd be nice enough to send me one to try out for our trip. Just a few days later, the travel pillow showed up at our house and immediately went into the growing pile of things we needed to pack. I had no idea if the small package would live up to the claims on the internet and worried about it more than a few times.

-Would the flight attendants and/or fellow passengers yell at my husband and me for playing with the A/C vents as we attempted to fill the pillow?

-Would the pillow actually fit between the seat in front of us and Britton's chair without making that other passenger wish we'd never booked the flight?

-Would the pillow be able to hold up my preschooler as she slept without deflating? (I have an long standing dislike of air mattresses because of this one I used to have to sleep on at my grandparents' house that always put me on the floor by morning.)

-Would the pillow create enough space for my tall preschooler?

The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow in Action

After the excitement of being on our plane ride subsisted, and Britton was able to watch a few episodes of Peppa Pig, my husband and I were ready to pull out the travel pillow to see if she would sleep on the long flight from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas.

He easily filled up the pillow from the A/C vent, and no one batted an eye at us. Once the pillow was about 75% full, he then manually blew up the pillow to about 90% before placing it in between Britton's seat and the one in front of her. Then, Landon gave it a few more puffs to fully inflate it, and the pillow was ready. He said it wasn't any more difficult that blowing up your typical pool toy once it had mostly been inflated by the vent.

The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow | A Review from CosmosMariners.com
Our preschooler finally getting some rest after a long day of traveling, thanks to her new little bed. 

We had a travel blanket at the ready for her, and she quickly curled up on the pillow. Britton gets really excited when she gets something special (especially as it relates to travel), so she was enthusiastic about trying her special bed long before we even got on the plane. Within a minute or two, she was fully asleep--and stayed asleep until we had to sit her up for landing.

All of those worries I had were for naught:

-The blowing up process of the travel pillow was quick and unobtrusive.

-The people in front of us never even blinked as we set it up. Because the pillow is level with the chair seat when it is filled, the kid using it is never actually in contact with the seat back in front of them.

-The travel pillow was made of tough, sturdy material (and it's easy to wash with a cloth!), and the valve had a tight fit once placed. Therefore, Britton stayed on a fully inflated pillow the entire time we used it, and there was no air leakage or drooping.

-At 42", Britton fit easily on the bed created by the pillow and airplane chair.

Final Thoughts

She loved her "little bed" so much that she kept asking when we could set it up for her again. To her delight, we manually blew it up a few times on the trip so she could use it as a little chair in our hotel rooms, cabins, and yurt (we really tried out a LOT of accommodation choices on this trip!).

The website also recommends that you could use it as a foot prop for kids in the car, which I think it a great idea. We didn't have the chance to do that on this past road trip since we needed the space under her feet for our backpack storage, but I will definitely be trying it out on future road trips.

On our very late, very long flight back from Denver, Britton requested that we get her bed ready as soon as we got on the plane. When it was safe to do so, we put it up (again, easily and without any issues) and she was asleep 10 minutes after take-off.

I found the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow out of desperation, but I'm so glad that I did. It has completely changed the way that my daughter travels on airplanes, and we can now look forward to trips where we all arrive rested and refreshed (well, as much as one can on a plane) at our final destination. As soon as Gibson is big enough to use one, we'll be investing in a second one!

I was provided a sample of the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

This post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase through one of the above links, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

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The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow | A Review from CosmosMariners.com


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