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Instagram Inspiration Friday: Palm Trees

Instagram Inspiration Friday: Palm Trees | CosmosMariners.com

I have failed my poor Instagram series. It was originally meant to be a weekly series, but in practice, that might be too much Instagram inspiration (if such a thing is possible). It then was going to be a bi-weekly thing, but here we are in June, a solid 6 weeks behind the last installment. April and May were just crazy, and the series was collateral damage.

So, today, I'm resuscitating the series using my rusty lifeguarding skills circa 2004 (when I was the leanest, meanest lifeguard at the neighborhood pool person who signed up for lifeguarding classes because I thought it would be a better summer job than working at the Gap). Bring me some band-aids, stat!

With no further ado (or weird lifeguarding references), here are the lovely photos I've been saving for two months on Instagram. This week's theme? Palm trees! (Picked solely because I'm obsessed with tropical places.)

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If you're interested in being part of this series, I'd love to have you! Head over to the Instagram Inspiration Fridays page to learn more about the upcoming themes and how you can submit your own photo for potential inclusion in a future post (which WILL be more reliable from now on!).

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Instagram Inspiration Friday: Palm Trees | CosmosMariners.com


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