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Monthly Goals: June 2017

Monthly Goals: June 2017 | CosmosMariners.com

How is it June?!? Seriously, how?!

After the whirlwind that was April around here, May ended up being almost as wild--but in a much more enjoyable way, thankfully.

We headed out on our family road trip from Las Vegas to Denver, which ended up surpassing all of our wildest dreams. My husband declared it the best trip we've ever taken, a serious claim when you think about the other top contenders (Ireland, Scotland, the Caribbean, etc.).

At the Grand Canyon! This is the only photo of the entire family we got on the entire trip, thanks to a tripod that broke the second day. Just our luck!
After we got back from Denver, we all immediately got sick. I spent almost two weeks tending to a husband with a cold, two kids with hand, foot, and mouth, and doing my best to rally from the head cold and laryngitis that knocked me down for four days. On top of all of that, my dad needed me to hang out with him since he'd just had foot surgery and was essentially chair bound at their house. What a mess we all were!

Then, the two kids and I headed up to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, North Carolina, for some waterpark fun. It was my first trip handling both kids by myself, and I expected it to be insanely busy because I was on a press trip and dealing with two tiny ones at a location that needed my constant supervision. Surprisingly, we had an absolute blast, and the kids were wonderful (maybe because they were super entertained the entire time?).

With all of that going on, I didn't do the best on my blog, but I knew that this month was going to be challenging before it even started. Given how busy we were, I am surprised that I managed my fourth best month traffic-wise on the blog. Yay for small victories!

Now, let's see how those goals worked out (or not).

May's Goals: A Recap

Write 8 blog posts. I was so close at a final post count of 7. I guess I could've squeezed that 8th one in this past Monday or Wednesday, but the former was Memorial Day, and the latter was when I was super busy at the Great Wolf Lodge. I'm not upset with 7 total posts, so I'm counting this one as a win.

Hit 65,000 MPV. Nope, this just didn't happen. Not only was I busy on the road and being sick for most of the month, Pinterest (my biggest referrer) did something funky this month and caused a big dip in my traffic. Whatever was going on with Pinterest seems to have fixed itself since my traffic has (mostly) rebounded, but it wasn't enough to give me my best month yet on the blog. I still finished with around 50K MPV, so I'm not too upset about not hitting this one.

Actually enjoy our family road trip. This one was a resounding yes! If you've never been to that part of the U.S., I cannot recommend it enough. Some highlights of our trip included the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moab, Glenwood Springs, the Colorado National Monument, and Breckenridge. Look for a full itinerary overview in June!

Hit 13K on Instagram. The fast pace of our two trips combined with the sickness between didn't make for a focused approach to Instagram this month. I made it close (I'm currently at 12.4K), but not enough to check this goal off in May.

June's Goals: Looking Forward

We're actually going to stay home all of June, which will give me a brief moment to catch my breath after the last 6 or so weeks of insanity. The month will still be busy, as Britton will be celebrating her 4th birthday, and my brother-in-law will be tying the knot this month.

I've got SO much to do on the blog from hotel reviews to an itinerary overview to working on our upcoming Puerto Rico that June should keep me on my toes.

Hit 14K followers on Instagram. This might be completely folly, but when I actually focus on my Instagram growth and reach, I see great results. I just need to be consistent in my posting and interactions, and hopefully, I'll get there this month.

Monetize at least 4 more of my top posts. I was clipping along with the updating and monetization of my older but well visited posts earlier this year, but that ended in April when life sped up way too quickly. I'm hoping that I'll have a little extra time on my hands this month as Britton does a few summer camps and classes here and there to boost those posts up again.

Hit 4K followers on Facebook. I'm sloooowly working on a Facebook audience, and it's growing (if at the speed of paint drying). I know it's a really, really important social media channel to have, but all of the changes that Facebook has made keep me from reaching the number of people I'd like without paying. It's a struggle I've discussed on here before, and I haven't gotten a great solution yet.

Comment on at least 5 blogs 2x weekly. I'm all about a checklist, so I'm going to start making a specific checklist just for this task. I really do love to read other bloggers since I get so much inspiration from others, but I tend to shuffle this off as a less important task than my writing and social media. Not cool, Natalie, not cool.

Pay attention to my Flipboard account and see what it can do traffic-wise. I've had a few dalliances with Flipboard in the past, but I would forget about it before my traffic was affected. I've heard some success stories from other bloggers, so I think I need to go about Flipboard sharing with some purpose this month. Have you used Flipboard? What do you think?

Look into automating more of my social media posts. I spent a ridiculous amount of time posting on Facebook and Twitter, so I'd like to find a way to get those scheduled. I would save SO much time if I could do that!

Tell me what you're up to in June, and share your blog goals with me. I'm always looking for new ideas!

Monthly Goals: June 2017 | CosmosMariners.com


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