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Instagram Inspiration Friday: Cruises

Instagram Inspiration Friday: Cruises | CosmosMariners.com

Love them or hate them, cruises are BIG right now in the travel industry. In 2016, approximately 22.9 million people went on a cruise, and that number is expected to be nearly 24 million in 2017.(1)

Although it's not the only way I like to travel, I have been on half a dozen cruises so far and really enjoyed all of them. (Check out my list of what you probably didn't think to bring on your cruise.)

If you haven't been on one yet, summer's a great time to start planning one for the fall or winter, as you can get some great deals on them if you can travel during school months!

This week's Instagram Inspiration Friday is all about those ships: see if you can resist booking your own cruise after viewing these awesome pictures!

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Have you gone cruising before? What did you think about it? What destinations would you like to see via cruise?

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Instagram Inspiration Friday: Cruises | CosmosMariners.com


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