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Monthly Goals: July 2017

Monthly Goals: July 2017 | CosmosMariners.com

The year is half over. In some ways, I'm really, really happy with what the blog has done: I've had my best months EVER since January, and I've started bringing in a sort-of steady (but small) income.

On the other hand, I feel like my blog is growing so slowly, and my growth is anything but linear. Some months have traffic that make me feel as if I'm really going somewhere, while others have me scrambling to investigate the minutia of my Google Analytics account. Maddeningly, I do the exact same thing writing and promoting every month, so I feel helpless when the numbers start to dip. Boo to seasonality!

At least, June was a fun month around here. I took my kids to Durham, North Carolina, for a few days--it had been years since I'd been last, and we had such a good time rediscovering the city.

I also got to catch up with my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew from out of town when they headed to the beach with my kids and I while my husband and brother-in-law went to a bachelor party for their other brother.

Then, we had the wedding for that other brother last weekend, and it was just perfect. There's nothing like a summer wedding!

Monthly Goals: July 2017 | CosmosMariners.com
The whole family looking super slick before the rehearsal dinner!

Now, onward to the recap and this month's goals!

June's Goals: A Recap

Hit 14K followers on Instagram. I had the brilliant idea to unfollow several hundreds of people that weren't active on Instagram the second week in June, and paid a major price for it. Up to that point, I was gaining 50-75 new followers a day...and for the rest of the month, I ended up only gaining 300 followers. For the entire month.

So, I started June with 12,400 followers, and ended with 12,700 followers. I thought I'd hit 12,700 followers by the end of the first week. Joke's on me!

Monetize at least 4 more of my top posts. Fail. Big fail. I didn't even get to ONE. This month (more than most), I felt behind the 8-ball, as if I was just barely doing what I needed to do in order to get my regularly scheduled blog posts up. So, no monetization of past posts.

Hit 4K followers on Facebook. I am SO close! I worked my rear end off this month on Facebook promotion, and, thanks to a combination of that and some shares of my posts by some of the brands I worked with, I made it to 3,919 followers. I'm counting it because I'm less than 80 followers away from a major goal of mine!

With as much trouble as I've had with Facebook, I cannot believe that I have managed to get this far.

Comment on at least 5 blogs 2x weekly. I did much better on this goal in June! I wasn't perfect with consistency, but I did manage to make the rounds of my favorite bloggers--and find a few new ones to read.

Pay attention to my Flipboard account and see what it can do traffic-wise. Oh, Flipboard. I have heard so much about your powers of traffic, but I keep ghosting you. It's not you, Flipboard; it's me. I'll call you this month, okay?

I did manage to flip most of my posts this month into my magazines, but I definitely didn't do as much with promotion and flipping other people's posts as much as I intended to.

Look into automating more of my social media posts. I am very, very cheap, so it takes a lot to make me want to spend my hard earned money. Yet, I have discovered something that I am willing to come off of my rusty money for: RecurPost. I loaded in 100 Twitter posts (the amount you get with a free account) into RecurPost when I discovered it this past month, and decided to see where it went. My Twitter account grew by 1,000 followers, and I've gotten so many more retweets and interactions than I usually do.

It made my Twitter scheduling so easy since it does everything automatically. And, there's the ability to do Facebook posts, too. I'm already at my limit for the free account, so I'm seriously considering coming off the $25 a month to get up to 1000 pre-scheduled tweets and Facebook posts.

And, no, I'm not being paid to say any of this. :)

July's Goals: Looking Forward

Finalize plans for my Puerto Rico trip in September. I've been dragging my feet on the airfare and hotels and such, and have paid the price (literally, as plane tickets have gone up $100 a person). I need to finalize those plans ASAP! Any suggestions? We're definitely in Old San Juan for 3-4 days and want to see other parts of the island.

Write at least 8 posts. I've been doing better at balancing my time with writing, editing, and scheduling my posts. Yay! I still have SO much to share from our western road trip that I need to get busy, or I'll be writing about my summer trips before I get around to those Arizona/ Colorado/ Utah posts.

Hit 14K on my Instagram account. Let's try this goal again, shall we?

Create new pins for at least 10 old posts. Pinterest is my best referrer by far, and I need to give some TLC to some of my older posts to see if they can find some traction there.

Grow my Twitter audience to 13.5K followers. I'm really loving Twitter these days (I've discovered Twitter chats lately), so I'm trying to channel that enthusiasm to new connections!

Figure out potential press trips for this fall. Where, oh, where do I want to even go? Suggestions welcome!

What are you planning for July? Do you have any blog goals you're trying to accomplish?

Monthly Goals: July 2017 | CosmosMariners.com


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