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10 Instagram Perfect Places to Take Pictures in Colorado Springs

10 Instagram Perfect Places to Take Pictures in Colorado Springs | CosmosMariners.com

This post was written in partnership with the Colorado Springs CVB.

If you love history, architecture, and the beautiful outdoors, Colorado Springs has to be on your next visit to the state. Located just 70 miles south of Denver, Colorado Springs has everything from historic hotels to unique geological formations to castles (that’s right: a castle in Colorado!). So, grab your camera and lens, pack your favorite clothes, and head to these 10 gorgeous places to take pictures in Colorado Springs.

8 Best Kid Friendly Things to Do in Denver

Best Kid Friendly Things to Do in Denver | CosmosMariners.com

This post was written in collaboration with Expedia.com

On our road trip from Las Vegas to Denver this year, we wanted to make each day as fun for our kids as possible. After all, if we were going to make 2 little kids get in the car every day, we wanted the destination to be worth the trouble.

As we hiked, explored, and camped our way towards Denver, we hoped that it would be filled with family fun like the rest of our trip. It did not disappoint! These are our favorite kid friendly things to do in Denver, so pack some snacks and get ready to go. I bet your kids--like my preschooler--will be begging to go back as soon as you get home.

6 Quirky Museums in Taipei

 6 Quirky Museums in Taipei  | CosmosMariners.com

This post was sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. As always, my opinions are my own. 

With both Chinese, Japanese, and aboriginal roots, Taiwan has a deep culture that is reflected in it's modern day diversity. Considered a global city and known for its grown food scene, Taipei is Taiwan's capital city and the political and economic heart of the country. 

If you're a first time visitor to this fast-paced city, exploring these unusual museums in Taipei are an excellent way to deepen your knowledge of the city's history and learn more about the Taiwanese culture. 

Monthly Blogging Goals: September 2017

Monthly Blogging Goals: September 2017 | CosmosMariners.com

Woe is me.

The late summer blogging slump is still hitting me hard, as my pageviews in August were down a full 50% from what they were in spring. When I realized that, I started to panic hard and have basically had a seriously stressful last 4 weeks. I've been in this point before, and the pageviews have always managed to come back eventually. That, and not my monthly blogging goals, have really been my focus over the last four weeks.

Still, working day in and day out while your pageviews dip lower and lower is seriously disheartening. Now that my older child is in school 5 days a week, I have put in multiple 12 hours days each week, working from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and then again from 8:00 p.m. until midnight (or later). And yet, even with all of that work, my pageviews remain stubbornly stuck.