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Monthly Blogging Goals: November 2018 (+ Where the Heck I've Been)

Monthly Blogging Goals: November 2018 (+ Where the Heck I've Been) | CosmosMariners.com

I doubt that anyone has been hanging off the edge of their seat waiting for me to show up, but here I am again!

Yeah, your favorite travel blogger is back after a veeeerrrrry long break. If you've taken a look at my Instagram or this blog recently, you've realized that I have gone AWOL for much of 2018.

But, I've been gone (and hopefully, not forgotten!) for good reason.

Let's dive into the when, where, and why!

So, What's the Story?

I made the decision in late 2017 to step back from Cosmos Mariners: Destination Unknown and reassess what was going on in my life: between the blog, my two kids, my other writing projects (including a second website), our travels, and actually living my day-to-day life, I didn't have much time to think.

Then, my husband and I made the decision to start homeschooling our older child for this school year, and what tiny bits of free time I had left were suddenly taken up with curriculum selections and art projects.

I'm definitely NOT sad about the turn of events for our family, as I used to teach college literature before I had kids, and I also served as a full-time homeschool tutor for a family here in Charleston. I love teaching, and I love the flexibility that homeschooling gives us to travel, hang out together, and follow my daughter's interests.

I was more than a little sad about what I had to do with Cosmos Mariners. It basically came down to my sanity, my time with my family, my kid's education, or the blog. Of those four, the blog was what I could most easily let go, and so, it's sat here, mostly unattended for the majority of 2018.

I've had several contacts on the business side of the blog email me, basically saying, "Sooooo, what exactly is happening with you?!" and I've given them the email equivalent of a shrug, apologized, and told them to please, please, please promise to still like me when I get back to Cosmos Mariners.

During this time period, I attempted to start a second website (which was pretty dumb considering I couldn't even keep up with THIS blog), but I've had to put it to the side for many of the same reasons that I put this site on pause this year. You live, and you learn, right?

In short, I was tired. Oh, so tired.

I have two kids (a toddler and a kindergartener), and I've written 3 posts a week from 2014 to the end of 2017. That's a grueling schedule even if you're 20 years old without any munchkins demanding every bit of your time, money, and energy.

I needed some time without travel blogging. And I think that the travel blog needed time without me. After all, it's hard to be passionate about something if you're too tired to care about it.

How I'm Going Forward

Not all is lost here, of course, and this definitely is not where Cosmos Mariners ends.

I've been blogging since 2012 and travel blogging for over four, and this is definitely not my first blogging break. I took a bit of a break after I miscarried in my second trimester back in 2015, and I took another break when I was in the throes of early pregnancy with my now 2 year old son.

In both of those situations, I had bigger things going on in my personal life, and those sorts of things often eclipse the day-to-day stuff that is necessary in keeping a blog going forward.

And each time I've decided to come back to blogging after a break, I've always got a nagging feeling that I just won't be able to do it again. That whatever success I've had so far was a fluke. That the fake-it-til-you-make-it mentality was only ever about faking it.

I think that I've been blogging long enough now to realize that breaks are okay. They're good.

And it's never, ever too late to come back.

Yes, some of my readers might have gone off to new pastures. Things have probably changed on Google or Pinterest or some other social media channel while I've been gone (oh, why are there ALWAYS so many changes?!)

But that's okay, too.

I'm excited to reconnect with old readers and have my new material discovered by new friends.

I'm excited about sharing my adventures from the last 6 months with you and getting excited with you about all of the things we have planned in the near future.

I'm excited to talk about our homeschool journey and how travel has been a part of that so far--and how that will look going forward for our family.

What We've Done Lately!

As I mentioned above, we've been homeschooling my daughter for kindergarten (there's an entire post on just that coming soon!), and that has allowed us to travel SO much more than a traditional school schedule would have allowed.

Up before daybreak so my husband can run the Miami marathon!

Here in South Carolina, kindergarten is mandatory, so we would've had just 5 absences for her if we'd chosen to enroll her in a traditional public or private school. For our family, that idea was soul crushing, as my husband and I wholeheartedly believe in family travel as a premiere educational experience.

We've made the most of our time together so far, and have logged miles visiting Miami, two more national parks, Memphis, and tons of places in South Carolina. We've gone camping twice this year, checked off several sites on our must-see-in-Charleston list, and welcomed two new nieces.

Monthly Blogging Goals: November 2018 (+ Where the Heck I've Been) | CosmosMariners.com
Adding Congaree National Park to our list of National Parks!

So, expect to see plenty of posts on all of that. Plus, we're headed to Disney World (again) in just a few weeks, so that's in the works as well.

Monthly Goals: November 2018

As I dive back in to the blog, I don't want to overdo things just as I'm getting into the swing of everything. 

My goals are pretty simple this month:

Write 2 blog posts. That's just 1 every two weeks. That's laughably easy. Right?!

Update 2 other blog posts. I have soooo many old posts that need revitalizing that it's not funny. I probably have 200 posts that have never been SEO optimized, don't have a Pinterest friendly image, or just need to be updated. 

Pull my Instagram account back up to 12K followers. Understandably, I lost quite a few followers while my account sat there twiddling its thumbs. I need to map out all of the pictures I've taken over the last 6 months and get them out there! [And if you're not following me yet, solve that by clicking here!]

Thanks for sticking with me, and I can't wait to see where Cosmos Mariners will go!

What are your goals for November? Have you ever taken a blogging break?


Monthly Blogging Goals: November 2018 (+ Where the Heck I've Been) | CosmosMariners.com


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