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about us.

Meet the Cosmos Mariners: 

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I'm a twenty-something South Carolina native who loves reading, writing, and traveling, and I'm the brains behind CosmosMariners.com.

My dream would be to travel more or less constantly without having to worry about a budget. However, real life and the fact that my husband works in a very location-based field (banking management) often get in the way of that beautiful dream. So, basically, I'm a nomadic homebody: I love to travel, but I also love coming home to my family in Charleston at the end of every trip.

I'm a freelance writer and blogger, which are about the most awesome jobs that a reading-writing-researching nerd could have.

I've also tried my hand at teaching; most of my teaching background has been at the college level, but I spent two years at a unique homeschool program here in Charleston.

Other important facts about me: 

  • I'm an Anglophile and a bibliophile
  • I adore sushi, wedding cake, Diet Coke and caramel frappachinos.
  • I do not adore shellfish of any kind as I am highly, laughably allergic.
  • Everything in my closet is color coordinated for maximum wardrobe options.
  • I hate being cold and start piling on the sweaters when the temperatures dip below 65.
  • My passport is always up-to-date just in case a travel opportunity arises. (Hey, it happens!)

And now for the non-contributing members of the Cosmos Mariners team (unless you count posing for pictures):


Natalie's husband since 2010. Banker. Hunter. Fisher. Marathon runner. Clemson grad. Adventurer. Lover of coffee. Skinflint. Color blind. Native of South Carolina.
(Please note that this was written by Natalie....I am not a tightwad/Skinflint.  I am appropriately frugal. -Landon)


World's most awesome preschooler. Currently stealing hearts, making messes, and talking from sun-up to sun-down. Lover of airplane rides, Walt Disney World, cupcakes, rockets, and dress-up clothes. Member of Casa Cosmos since 2013. [Read about her wild ride of a birth story here].


World's most snuggly baby. Currently spending most of his time sleeping, eating, and drooling. Melting hearts since late 2016. [More on his arrival here.]