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Instagram Inspiration Friday: Adventure

Instagram Inspiration Friday: Adventure | CosmosMariners.com

In this installment of Instagram Inspiration Friday, I'm taking a look at how other bloggers define "adventure." For some of us, it's going to a new city or trying a new food, while others see adventure as a challenging hike or a rafting tour.

No matter what your version of adventure looks like, I hope you'll find some ideas for new ways to get yourself out of your comfort zone in this week's round up!

Instagram Inspiration Friday: Spring Break

Instagram Inspiration Friday: Spring Break | CosmosMariners.com

I didn't always love Instagram. I opened my account about 2 years ago after hearing it was the new social media channel, but didn't too much with it right away. I didn't want to waste time on yet another social media account, especially one that didn't seem as if it would drive much traffic to my blog.

Yet, here we are. Instagram has weaseled itself into my heart, and slowly moved itself into my second most beloved social media channel (just behind my forever love, Pinterest), and I'm starting a brand new series devoted solely to the wonders that I find on my Insta-feed. (Is that a phrase? If not, I'm making it one starting, oh, right about now.)