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Disney in June and the #4Parks1Day Challenge

I have been waiting so long to write this post, but kept putting it off. I knew once I wrote the post that I would be headed to Disney World in a very, very short time.

Here I am, a mere day from being back in one of my favorite places in the world. Words can't express how excited I am. For the last few days, I've been freaking Landon out because we'll be watching TV or cleaning or something, and he'll look over at me and I'll have this giant smile on my face. 


As I mentioned a while back, this trip came unexpectedly. Since my sister has to go to the Orlando area for a work conference, she invited me along for company...and to sneak some Disney into our lives. It's basically a cobbled together sisters' trip--no husbands or boyfriends or kids or parents. (We'll be doing the family trip in December). We'll be there from Friday night to Wednesday afternoon, and I plan on packing as much Disney awesomeness into those few days as possible. 

Let's review the major parts of the trip, shall we?