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Kayaking with Dolphins

Edisto Island dolphins
Landon and I got a pair of kayaks about three years ago as a way to explore the waters around Charleston. We had to hang them up (literally and figuratively) when I got pregnant because I could barely walk, much less paddle then.

And it goes without saying that kayaking isn't exactly conducive to having a young baby. 

Those poor kayaks haven't gotten out of the garage much in the last year and a half, so Landon and I were excited to take them to Edisto last week.

Edisto Island 2014

What a week. It was filled with sand, sun, family, and bike rides.

It was basically the quintessential family beach vacation, and it was awesome!

Even with a house filled with nine adults and three kids under the age of three, there weren't any spats. The kids loved playing with one another, and I loved hanging out with Landon's parents, siblings, and their spouses.

Landon's parents have rented a beach house most of the summers since Landon and I started dating (for the second time) back in 2009, and we always had a blast. (See my posts from 2012 here and here. I didn't do any posts from last year, as I was 6 week postpartum and basically out of it.) 

But having the babies (well, two toddlers and a baby) there this year made everything that much more fun. 

So, how do you have a great summer beach vacation?

Roadtrippin' Like a Vagabond Family

I know I just got back from Orlando, but we're getting ready to leave again.

It's a tough life I lead.