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39 Weeks!

This will definitely be my last weekly update, as baby Britton will be making her debut tomorrow! I'm 39 weeks and 1 day according to my original due date, and Britton is measuring like a 42 week old baby or so. She'll be induced tomorrow morning beginning at the horrendous hour of 6 a.m.

We thought long and hard about the decision to be induced. I was originally completely opposed to any sort of medical intervention and wanted a natural birth through and through. Babies, however, have a mind of their own, and I've decided that a slightly-less-than-natural-birth is the best thing for me and for Britton.

For one thing, I tested positive for Group B Strep, which I wasn't expecting. It can be passed to the baby during delivery and can have some horrendous effects on a newborn if the mom hasn't had antibiotics to treat it during the birthing process. That, coupled with the fact that I am over halfway dilated at this point, made me nervous that my birthing process might go too quickly to administer the necessary medications to protect my baby girl if we weren't already at the hospital when my labor began.

Britton is big and healthy and ready to rumble, so it only made sense to schedule an induction. I'm covering all of my bases, and I am protecting my daughter as best as I can.

My doctor is going to try every possible natural method of inducing me before recommending Pitocin or other invasive labor-starting techniques, so I'm still getting the birth experience I wanted (close to it, anyway). At least I will have my baby with me very, very soon!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. It's going to be monumental for our family! :)

The Weekly Stats:

How far along? 39 weeks and 1 day.
Total weight gain: No comment.
Maternity clothes: I have been living in some soft cotton maternity shorts and Landon's t-shirts. Everything else just feels tight and binding at this point.
Sleep: I am officially in baby sleep mode: I don't sleep more than an hour and a half at a time (thanks, tiny bladder), and false contractions often wake me up in the middle of the night.
Best moment this week: Seeing Britton on the final ultrasound. She looks healthy and amazing!
Miss anything? Eating sugar without getting pummeled by my baby afterwards (she's strong!). Being able to stand up and sit down without my knees hurting. Wearing normal clothes. [I could go on and on but I won't bring the post down with lots of complaining.]
Movement: For someone whose house is so snug, she still moves around all the time. Landon and I joke that she has cardio class at 1:30 p.m., kickboxing at 3:00, and dance around 4:30. She's especially active after I eat something sugary, and particularly loved my cookies and cream milkshake I had before the ultrasound last Thursday. 
Food cravings: Anything cold, like ice lollies or ice cream. Fruit is also a big draw (watermelon and strawberries, especially). And oh, what I would do for a sub sandwich! (Guess what Landon's mom and dad are bringing me tomorrow when they come to the hospital?!?!)
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Still a little heartburn here and there, but nothing I can't cure with a Tums or two.
Gender: Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: Being 5 cm dilated. Having insane amounts of false labor contractions. 

Symptoms: Hugeness in the stomach area. Swollen feet and hands. 
Belly button in or out? STILL an innie! It is clinging to that status within an inch of its life, but I think I can safely say that I will not ever have an outie during this pregnancy.
Wedding rings on or off? Off. I'm glad I took them off when I did because they would be super uncomfortable right about now.
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. I am so uncomfortable that so many things annoy me (see: every song on the radio, things being repeating more than once, moving).
Looking forward to: Holding Britton for the first time. I am going to be an emotional wreck in the best way!

Dear Britton,

Daddy and I are so excited to meet you and make you a part of our family. You are so loved and treasured already, and I know that those feelings will only intensify once you're here.

I need you to be brave and strong tomorrow because it's going to be a tough day--but don't worry because I will be strong and brave right along side you.

Only about twelve more hours before we start the process of getting you here.

I love you!


37 Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks and 6 days. 
I started the usual weekly questions, but gave up after only a minute or two. Those questions don't seem to deal with the root of how I'm actually feeling at this point. Rather than go through those questions, I will tell you how I really feel (beware: there is a lot of complaining below): 
1) Huge. Even turning over on the couch at this point requires careful planning and uncomfortableness. My feet and hands are puffy and tight no matter how much water I drink or how long I put my feet up on the couch. 
2) Frustrated. I had a membrane sweep at my 37 week appointment last Tuesday, and I was TOTALLY sure that would give Britton the kick start she needed to get going. It did get the contractions started, and I've had two separate times where Landon and I just knew we were in labor (alas, we have been terribly wrong both times). For some reason, I knew Britton was coming this weekend. I have no clue why I thought this, but I completely had myself convinced. But, here it is, Sunday night and no baby. I haven't even had that many contractions today. 
3) Moody. In the last seventy-two hours, I have cried (in all seriousness!) for all of the following reasons: 
  • I wasn't in actual labor but rather just having contractions that go nowhere.
  • Britton was ignoring me (because she was refusing to come out). 
  • The dog doesn't love me anymore. 
  • No one else thought it was a great idea for me to pour water on myself and go to the hospital and tell them that my water broke and to take the baby out.
  • My dad asked if I was still pregnant and I was snippy with him. So, I cried because I thought I hurt his feelings.
  • I don't know. I have started bawling several times for no apparent reason at all. 
The worst part is that I KNOW I sound completely ridiculous when I say these things, but, in the moment, my normal, rational, logical self goes off somewhere without the rest of me.
4) Impatient. It is no secret that I hate waiting on things. The idea that I could have days and days or even weeks before my baby arrives is driving me crazy. I want to be un-pregnant, and I want to meet her SO BADLY.

I know all of this will be completely worth it once Britton is here, cuddling with me. I try to keep that in mind above all things when I get worried or frustrated. She will be here soon, and she will be perfect and amazing and healthy and worth every moment of annoyance on my part.
I also have to remember to cut myself a little slack--Britton and I have been together for eight-and-a-half long months at this point, and we have been awesome together. This next step will be tough work for both of us, but I am ready to undertake it. Britton, we are ready when you are, little girl!

36 Weeks (in Which I Turn into a Giant Beachball with Limbs)

These last two weeks have thrown me for a loop. Landon and I were slowly chipping away at our checklist of things to do pre-baby, all while thinking we still had about four more weeks to go. I knew I was getting bigger--my doctor had been telling me that I had been measuring ahead for weeks now--but I chalked it up to being almost full-term. 

Until last Thursday when we had an OB appointment and ultrasound to evaluate Britton's growth. To our shock, 36 week and 4 day old Britton is (on overage) measuring more like 38 weeks. Her head is measuring 39 weeks!! 

Our due date was moved from June 10 to May 29, and there was discussion of induction because Britton is already so big (about 7.5 pounds and completely full-term-sized). Now, our weeks have been cut in HALF and, realistically, Britton could show up any day now. I go back to the doctor's office on Tuesday for a re-evaluation, and we'll talk more to the doctor about our birth plan options then (I want to go completely natural with my Hypnobabies program, but, if necessary, I will consider induction). 

Me and my friends Anna and Brittany at my baby shower on Sunday.
(stolen from Anna's Facebook page--thanks, Anna!!)
How far along? 36 weeks and 6 days (according to my original due date). Britton is full-term tomorrow!
Total weight gain: 28 pounds. 
Maternity clothes: I'm so big that my maternity clothes aren't even fitting anymore. Can't I just wear a muu-muu and slippers until she gets here?
Sleep: It's all uncomfortable. I get up constantly to pee at night (like every hour and a half), and I am fully ready for our baby to get here so that I have a more exciting reason to get up at night. 
Best moment this week: Our second baby shower hosted by Landon's siblings. We had such a wonderful time with our friends and family!
Miss anything? I usually put something about how I miss sub sandwiches or being able to bend at the waist (which I do), but right now I'm getting into the super heavy, kind of miserable stage. So, most of all, I miss looking like a normal person rather than a walrus or beachball. 
Movement: I can tell that she's getting ready to make her debut because she's stopped moving as much as in past weeks. She's still a mover and shaker, but her space is quickly running out in there. As I type,  my stomach is moving slightly side to side as she makes herself comfy. 
Food cravings: Watermelon(!!) times a million. Strawberries are a close second. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Not so much anymore. Since Britton has dropped, I don't get heartburn as much as I have in the past weeks. Usually, I can make it through the day with only a Tums or two. 
Gender: Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: Braxton-Hicks on and off--they've gotten more substantial in the last week or so. Britton has also dropped in preparation for the big day!

Symptoms: I'm huge. If you can't tell I'm pregnant at this point, you are blind. 
Belly button in or out? STILL an innie! I really thought it would have popped by now, but (though it's smaller than before) it's still in. 
Wedding rings on or off? Oh gosh, my hands and feet have started to swell something serious. I'm glad I took my rings off when I did because they would be stuck at this point. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Still happy, but tired. 
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby!! She's soooo close to being here now. :)

34 Weeks

Landon and I went to the doctor last week and found out that I am still measuring ahead of where I'm supposed to be. Our doctor recommended another ultrasound at our 36 week appointment so that she can see how big Britton has gotten and to re-evaluate her due date if necessary. 

We're getting SO close to Britton being full-term (18 days!!! until she's 37 weeks, and 40 days until her due date). I'm ready for her to be here, but at the same time, I wish for more time to finish everything on my "before baby comes" checklist. But, I'm not in the driver's seat, so I have to told tight until Britton tells me it's time to boogie!

How far along? 34 weeks and 4 days (well, I was when I wrote this post--I'm well into my 35th week now)
Total weight gain: 26 pounds. 
Maternity clothes: I dream of my pre-preggy clothes at this point. I am cheap and refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes this close to the end of my pregnancy, so I feel as if I'm wearing the same things over and over and over again. 
Sleep: I have definitely been sleep-trained by Britton. If you'd told me a year ago that I could work eight hours after getting up every hour and a half to pee at night (and feel mostly fine during my work day), I would have thought you were crazy. I do miss having long stretches of uninterrupted sleep even if I can function without it. 
Best moment this week: Finding our pediatrician and having our meet and greet with him. Another thing checked off my to-do list!
Miss anything? Being able to sleep on my back. My cute summer-y clothes and shorts. Sub sandwiches.
Movement: Alllll the time. Britton has decided that she loves to put her tiny foot up next to my right rib. I'm glad she's comfy, but that sure makes it hard for me to get to sleep. 
Food cravings: Salads and watermelon are still winning. I've also wanted a scoop of dark chocolate with pecan praline mix-ins in a sprinkle waffle cone from Marble Slab Creamery for a while now, but haven't gotten around to getting one yet.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Oh, the heartburn, the bane of my existence. Sometimes my preggo brain makes me forget to take my pill in the morning and I spend the rest of the work day chugging water in an attempt to combat the fire in my esophagus. 
Gender: Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: Braxton-Hicks on and off. 

Symptoms: Big belly. Slight waddling. Tiredness. 
Belly button in or out? My innie belly button is very resilient. It is STILL hanging in there (but just barely).
Wedding rings on or off? They had to come off early this week. I am very sad, and I feel naked without my jewelry. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy (at the baby and the fact that school is almost over) and annoyed (at the house, which still hasn't been fixed, and the lack of subsequent nesting that I will be able to do before Britton arrives). 
Looking forward to: Our third ultrasound (I love getting to see our baby!) and learning more about how big she is. 

33 Weeks

The baby shower and our flooding incident have gotten me so behind. But regardless of the status of our house, baby Britton is still on her way, so I need to get it together!

How far along? 33 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain: 24 pounds. I don't even want to talk about it.
Maternity clothes: Pretty much all the time. My belly has gotten so much bigger these last few weeks!
Sleep: Fleeting. Between multiple bathroom trips each night and Britton doing the conga line around 4:30 each morning, I am quickly learn how to function on less and less sleep.
Best moment this week: Putting the car seat bases in our cars. We can take our baby home from the hospital when the time comes. Yay!
Miss anything? Sub sandwiches. My ribs not hurting. Actually being able to get off of the couch without feeling like a beached whale.
Movement: I feel tiny baby body parts pretty consistently now. Landon and I like to guess what it is we're feeling--is that an elbow or a knee?
Food cravings: Salads. Lots and lots of salad. And fruit. I've wanted watermelon for months now, and Landon found me one at Publix. It was $6, but worth every penny. I ate the entire thing in two days!
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Heartburn is still in full swing, so taking my medicine is a must if I don't want to feel horrible. Citrus, chocolate and tomatoes are particularly bad triggers. 
Gender: Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: Still having those Braxton-Hicks. I'm using them to practice my Hypnobabies birthing method.

Symptoms: It's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant now--the belly definitely gives it away. 
Belly button in or out? It's still hanging on as an innie. But I think that fight may be settled anytime now.
Wedding rings on or off? On. The swelling comes and go, but isn't ever bad enough for me to be uncomfortable yet.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, tempered with horror that my house still isn't livable yet (and probably won't be for several more weeks). 
Looking forward to: Finishing up with school, having our second baby shower, meeting my little girl.

30 Weeks

Another week has come and gone, and I'm seven days closer to meeting my daughter!

How far along? 30 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain:  20 pounds. I'm basically avoiding the scale at this point, as the numbers are just terrifying.
Maternity clothes: I can still get away with any stretchy waistband pant or skirt, but maternity shirts are a must have. Since I can't go shopping for new clothes (or won't--I'm too close to the end to buy new maternity stuff), I've focused my attention on new sandals for the gorgeous spring weather.
Sleep: Generally, better. I've had a cold the last few days, so that's made me need a few more naps here and there.
Best moment this week: Spending an afternoon getting pampered with Landon. We got pedicures (no nail polish for Landon) with hot stone massage, then went out to eat, and followed that up with HUGE ice creams for dessert. I am so excited to meet Britton, but I will miss the spontaneous dates with Landon!
Miss anything? Bending over without hurting, being able to sleep through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom, buying regular clothes!
Movement:  All the time! I'm not exactly sure what she's doing in there, but the tango, cross-country running practice, and martial arts are all strong possibilities.
Food cravings:  Nothing recently. I've eaten pretty much anything that people put in front of me.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing, as long as I remember to take my heartburn medicine!
Gender: Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: Nothing yet--only a few more weeks, and Britton can make her debut whenever she gets good and ready. Hang in there, baby girl!

Symptoms: the need to buy increasing amounts of baby clothes, heartburn, having to be hauled out of soft chairs (like the couch or papasan)
Belly button in or out? It is sooo close to being out. Half of it looks out while the other is still clearly in. Weird.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I can tell there's some swelling. Eek.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy. Happy and excited.
Looking forward to: My first baby shower is this weekend! Hooray!

28 Weeks

I took pictures of my 24th week, but never got around to posting them (thanks, norovirus). With the hospital stay during my 25th week, the subsequent recovery during my 26th week, and then trying to get my life back together last week, I didn't have much time to take pictures. However, I'm feeling human again, so it's time to get back into the swing of things...and that includes my weekly updates!

How far along? 28 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain:  14 pounds.
Maternity clothes: It depends. I love my maternity pants and shorts, but I can still fit in any of my pants or skirts that have drawstrings or elastic waists. My empire waist pre-pregnancy dresses are still in heavy rotation. As for tops, I have no chose but to wear my maternity shirts because my regular tops (even the stretchy ones) aren't long enough to fit over this belly!
Sleep: It's odd--I actually feel peppier now than before I went into the hospital. So far, the third trimester is treating me well, and I no longer have to take a nap every single day.
Best moment this week: Making some serious progress on the nursery. More to come on that as we really finish up.
Miss anything? Cold sub sandwiches, buying cute new shorts for spring (the maternity shorts are just sooo boring), and having a wide range of movement. I also miss being able to buckle my sandals--Landon has to do it for me, and I feel like a three-year-old!
Movement:  Definitely, though it's changed over the last week or so. She used to give me these little jabs and punches, and I couldn't feel her moving from place to place. Now, I can feel as she slides up and down, and the kicks and punches are getting much more substantial. When she's really going, I can watch her move my stomach from side to side, which is a little unnerving.
Food cravings:  After being sick with the stomach flu and being nauseous during the recovery period, any food looks good to me right now.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Heartburn has replaced the queasiness, so I have to take my Tums and/or Pepcid to be able to enjoy spicy foods, chocolate, tomato-based dishes, and citrus.
Gender: Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: I had a few Braxton-Hicks contractions in the hospital due to the dehydration, but other than that, no labor signs. Hopefully, Britton is happy in there and will cook for at least another ten or so weeks.

Symptoms: Heartburn, big belly, the beginnings of the pregnancy waddle
Belly button in or out? Just barely in. It looks so weird right now that the doctor in the emergency room asked me if the nurse had done some sort of procedure on it. Nope, I'm just pregnant with an indecisive belly button.
Wedding rings on or off? On. Luckily, I haven't had any issues with pregnancy swelling yet.
Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy, definitely. I feel like my moods have really evened out lately, which we're all happy about.
Looking forward to: My baby shower in April. My mom and sister found invites that match Britton's bedding, and I found a beautiful new dress to wear. So excited!

My Unexpected Tour of the Maternity Ward, Part II

Check out Part I here.

After being violently ill with a horrible stomach bug for over twelve hours and being admitted to the hospital for a day, I thought I was on my way to recovery. I'd been given massive amounts of fluids to re-hydrate me after my bout with norovirus, but my journey to wellness was nowhere in sight.

All of those fluids caused my electrolytes to get out of whack, which meant that early, early on Friday morning, my blood pressure bottomed out around 80/30. I don't remember much about that part of my hospital stay, other than I have never felt so cold, and that I was shaking so badly that I couldn't hold onto anything. 

Friday morning is mostly lost to me, which is probably a good thing based on what my husband and family have told me. The doctors and nurses were worried about Britton, but she was a champ throughout the entire process, and never showed any issues with her heart rate or fetal movement.

In an effort to get my blood pressure back up, and my electrolytes stable, I was started on magnesium and potassium drips. Those things HURT so badly going into my IV--I felt as if my entire arm was on fire. The nurses had to cut the drip dosage way down because I was in so much pain. The infusions lasted hours and hours, but I didn't care as long as my arm wasn't burning. 

Then, Saturday night, I began to get super uncomfortable--not because I was tired of being in bed, or because of the IV, but because I felt like I couldn't breathe as easily and I was having trouble moving around. My mom kept saying that I looked as if I were already full term suddenly. We figured it was because I'd lost weight throughout the entire ordeal and that my stomach looked larger as a result. Sleeping that last night in the hospital was horrid because I couldn't get comfortable and I felt so big. 

I was so happy to go home Saturday afternoon after over fifty hours in the hospital. The first thing I did when I went home was to weigh since all of the staff told me not to be alarmed if I'd lost weight. 

In reality, I had gained ten pounds since I'd last weighed on Monday. All of those electrolytes had built up in my system and caused my blood pressure to stabilize, but they hadn't gone away like they were supposed to. And the worse thing was that I continued to retain fluids that Saturday night. I cried and cried because I couldn't get comfortable no matter what I did, and all I wanted to do at that point was go to sleep in my own bed. That wasn't happening because I could hardly breathe when I laid down, so I dozed on and off sitting straight up in our papasan chair. 

It also scared me because I could barely feel Britton under all of that weight, and I didn't want something to happen to either of us this late in the game, especially considering everything else we'd been though. 

As of this morning, all of the weight is gone, and I'm definitely on the mend. I saw the doctor yesterday, and she reconfirmed that Britton and I are progressing well after our ordeal. I'm cleared for work again on Friday, and I'm excited to rejoin the land of the living as I get my strength back.

Here's to hoping that all of you stay healthy! 

My Unexpected Tour of the Maternity Ward, Part I

I've been AWOL around here lately. We're starting our fourth quarter at school, I'm trying to get motivated to finish all of the things I need to do before the baby arrives, and life just wears me out these days.

I felt bad about letting my blog languish. I'd even gotten Landon to take my pictures so I could do another weekly pregnancy update (which clearly shows my commitment to the cause).

But then last Wednesday happened. I got up, went to school and taught as usual. I was a little tired when I got home, so I laid down for about an hour before Landon got off work. He'd gotten some great news at work, so we got ready and ate at our favorite local Italian place. After dinner, we went shopping for a few things, came back to the house, and had a quiet evening.

About 8 o'clock on Wednesday, I told Landon that I didn't feel well, and that I was going to bed early. As soon as I changed into my pajamas, my stomach started cramping horribly, and just as suddenly, I had to throw up. I'm seriously allergic to shellfish, and for a moment, I wondered if I had somehow accidentally gotten some shrimp or crab in my pasta dish from that night.

But usually, when I get allergy-related food poisoning, I barf and immediately feel better. This stomach thing was brutal. For the next six hours, I continued to be violently sick, with increasingly short intervals between each bout. At 2 AM on Thursday morning, I was so exhausted I could hardly see straight, and Landon insisted that we go to the emergency room.

I figured we'd go, get some fluids pumped into me, and get sent home. Oh, how wrong I was. The ER doctor took one look at my pregnant self and immediately recommended that I be admitted to the hospital because I'd gotten ahold of the superbug norovirus that's going around. By 5:30 Thursday morning, I'd been hooked up to an IV and had been wheeled on a gurney up to labor and delivery so that the maternity ward nurses could keep a better watch on me.

When someone who's pregnant gets that dehydrated, there's always the chance of pre-term labor, and my doctor didn't want any part of that, so I was given fluids. LOTS and LOTS of fluids.

The good news? I was working on being re-hydrated.

The bad news? I had no clue what was coming.

Check out part II tomorrow...

21 Weeks

In the 19 week post, I thought I had sunk to a new low: posting a weekly update without an accompanying picture.

Oh, but one can go even lower, and forget to post for an entire week completely.

Welcome to the new low.

Oh, but all is not lost.

In the words of Harry from Dumb and Dumber, "You go and do something like this...and TOTALLY redeem yourself!"

I have 1) organized myself so that I am not posting this update on the last possible day of the week, and 2) taken pictures of myself this week. Hooray all around for me!

How far along? 21 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain:  8 pounds. 
Maternity clothes: Pretty much all the time. Amber and I went through my closet to organize my maternity and non-maternity clothes this weekend, and I found a few things from pre-maternity that I didn't think I could wear, but can. Yay for impromptu maternity closet additions!
Sleep: Still tired all the time. If I don't get my quick afternoon nap in, I'm cross-eyed by 9 PM.
Best moment this week: Getting to see Britton on the ultrasound!
Miss anything? My waist. The ability to bend over. Not aching at the end of the day from crouching over my growing belly.
Movement:  All the time! She got super excited at dinner last night (a work function for my mom) and tonight (Five Guys with my sister). The little lady likes dinnertime!
Food cravings:  I'm back to normal this week--nothing's really jumping out at me right now.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Please, please, please let this part of pregnancy be over. I haven't gagged or been queasy in two weeks.
Gender:  Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: Definitely not. Stay in there, Tadpole!

Symptoms: Much bigger belly, heartburn, tiredness
Belly button in or out? Still in, but it's thinking about making a run for it.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time:  Pretty happy, though I did get overwhelmed when I was tired the other day and kind of/ sort of messed up Landon's haircut (though he still says it looks okay). Crying ensued.
Looking forward to: Meeting baby girl! And buying more baby clothes for her. My mom, sister and I went out on Saturday to raid the sales in the local children's departments, and Britton is already one well-dressed little lady.

Girl or Boy? The Results are In! (20 Week Ultrasound)

The day has finally come!

Landon and I went to the baby doctor yesterday with our fingers crossed that Tadpole would be co-operating during the gender reveal. I even gave the baby a pep talk on the way home from work in the hopes that might increase our chances of finding out.

As soon as we got into the ultrasound room, the technician asked if we wanted to know, and we told her, "Definitely!"

She moved the ultrasound wand around for just a second, then asked, "So what do you think you're having?" Landon and I told her we'd both been having girl vibes, and the technician said, "We'll then you'd be right!"

We're having a baby girl!

We watched her squirm, kick and suck her thumb during the ultrasound. The entire experience was surreal, but amazing. Because of the way that she was sitting, the technician couldn't get all of the heart shots that she needed to get nor could she see where the umbilical cord was attached to the placenta, so I'll have to get another ultrasound in 2 weeks. While I don't want to take off more work at this point, I don't have a choice...plus, I get to see Britton again, which is always exciting!

Look at that little nose! And that's her hand up by her face.

I am so, so excited--not that I wasn't before, and not that I wouldn't have been if this baby I was carrying was a boy, but knowing for sure that the baby is a girl makes everything more real.

Welcome to the family, baby Britton!

19 Weeks

In my worst showing yet, I forgot to take a picture this week! I'm going to see if Landon will help me remember to take one today (I'll update the post if that happens); it will be slightly late, but better late than never is quickly becoming my motto.
How far along? 19 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain:  7-8 pounds. 
Maternity clothes: It's official--I cannot wear any of my regular t-shirts anymore. I thought for sure that they'd be long enough to make it a little bit further down the road, but that's not the case. It looks like it's all maternity all the time from here on out. 
Sleep: Give me more, lots more. Even though I'm now well into the second trimester, I'm still struggling to get my energy back. Whoever said I'd feel way better during this part lied. Even blogging, which I love to do, has become a chore (sorry, blog, for forgetting about you lately!). Is it nap time yet?
Best moment this week: Seeing how tiny a newborn diaper is. I know that sounds so weird, but Landon and I enamored with this free diaper sample I got at one of the maternity stores recently. I know the baby is going to be small when s/he arrives, but that teeny weeny diaper has really put things into perspective. 
Miss anything? Sub sandwiches. I love deli meats, and I love a sub sandwich. I just want a cold Jimmy John's Italian Night Club--only 139 days left!! (Landon has already promised he'll make sure I get one ASAP after we get out of the hospital!)
Movement:  Tadpole's a mover and shaker. The most enthusiastic kicking this week was when we were at Lowe's looking at backsplash for our kitchen renovation that's in the works. Does this mean that Tadpole will be a future DIY-er?
Food cravings:  I've gotten heartburn a lot lately, so right now I'm all about eating whatever won't make it worse (which is pretty much nothing). My one request this week? Sour gummy worms. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  We went to Publix the other day, and Landon remarked on how the liquor store in the same shopping center was still open since it was pretty late. I thought about the taste of alcohol and got so sick that I had to sit in the car and gag in the parking lot. I definitely was avoiding alcohol anyway, but I think it's crazy that I've got such an aversion to it lately!
Gender:  We find out on THURSDAY of this week!!!
Labor signs: Nope. 

Symptoms: Super heartburn supreme, constant sleepiness.
Belly button in or out? Still in.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy, happy for the most part...though there have been some random crying moments.
Looking forward to: Finding out if we're having a girl or boy!

18 Weeks

The weather has been so nice in Charleston lately--hence, the shorts in January.
I've really got to get better about posting this on time (I was 18 weeks last week), but at least I'm taking the pictures, right?
How far along? 18 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain:  6 pounds. I know I'm supposed to be gaining the weight for the baby, but it's still odd to see the scale creep up to places I've never seen before.
Maternity clothes: My normal clothes are beginning to look ridiculous on me. I have a long torso anyway, so it's tough to find pre-pregnancy clothes that are long enough to fit me. Now that I've got a bit of a belly, the majority of my old shirts are gapping at the bottom, which means I'm pretty much in all maternity all the time now. I always have to wear maternity pants or skirts, or use my belly band on the pants that button (clasps don't work with the belly band, as I found out the hard way).
Sleep: No complaints there! I hate sleeping on my side, so even though it's recommended, I'm sticking to sleeping on my back. I sleep better that way, and that's the whole point, right?
Best moment this week: Feeling Tadpole move! I was lying in bed last Tuesday when POW! I felt a kick just under my belly button. The movement was so distinctive and scared me so badly that I gasped, and scared Landon in turn! I haven't had another kick quite that surprising, but Tadpole does move now with regularity.
Miss anything? My old clothes. I look at my beautiful, full closet and know that I won't be able to wear those pants and tops for quite some time. However, I've gotten lots of cute maternity staples in the last week, so I have new clothes to ease the pain. :)
Movement:  Pretty regularly. Anytime I'm lying down or being extra still, I can usually feel Tadpole squirming around within a few minutes.
Food cravings:  I had my first sweet craving for a Cupcake cupcake this week. Landon happily obliged and I got a vanilla cupcake, my favorite.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Smelling the food that I have to wash off on the dishes in the sink. I nearly barfed a few days ago because I had to rinse and load the dishes into the dishwasher. Landon is in charge of this for the time being.
Gender:  We'll know next week! The guessing is at half and half, with the boy sector coming in slightly ahead of the girl guesses (by maybe one person). T-minus 9 days until we find out (if Tadpole cooperates).
Labor signs: Nope.

Symptoms: Belly band usage,heartburn (boo), sleepiness.
Belly button in or out? In, though it's definitely looking thinner than it was before.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time:  No complaints here!
Looking forward to: Registering and finding out if we're having Britton or Gibson!

16 Weeks

*Note: I'm actually in my 17th week today (01/02), but I wrote this up and took the pictures last week. Those crazy holidays got in the way of posting!

How far along? 16 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain:  about 4 pounds. I'm a little under where I should be right now, but my OB says I'm still doing well. 
Maternity clothes: About half and half. I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy shirts, but the maternity ones are super comfy. My mom was sweet and bought me a few during A Pea in the Pod's after Thanksgiving sale, and I love them. My beloved skirts are absolutely gone, as are most of my pre-preggy pants. I'm rocking the belly band on the pants that work with it: some of the pairs that have clasps instead of buttons don't seem to work with the belly band, so they've gone into storage. 
Sleep: Good. I've been fighting a cold for most of December, which makes me tired, but that's completely unrelated to pregnancy. 
Best moment this week: Opening all of Tadpole's Christmas gifts. This is one loved baby! Gigi and Papa Jay (my parents) gave Tadpole a lightweight stroller (perfect for our Disney trips!), a matching blanket and neck pillow, and a crib sheet set. Auntie Amb (my sister) gave us the cutest selection of baby onesies. Tadpole will be one well-dressed baby!
Miss anything? Deli meats. My OB said I could have them if 1) I bought them myself and 2) heated them up before I ate them, but I want a cold, Jimmy John's Godfather sandwich. And it won't taste right warmed up. :(
Movement:  Waiting! The OB said I should feel something anytime between now and my anatomy ultrasound at the end of January.
Food cravings:  Thin crust cheese pizza. Chicken Caesar salad wraps. Whole wheat bagels with chive and onion spread. (Clearly, I haven't turned the corner and gotten my sweet tooth back completely.)
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I'm back to normal! I haven't felt sick in weeks. 
Gender:  There's some serious betting going on around here! For boy, we have: my grandfather, my cousin Bonnie and her husband, Landon's co-worker, and the nurse at the OB office. For girl, we have my co-worker, two of my students, my sister and Landon. Luckily, I've pinned adorable clothing options for both!
Labor signs:  Nope. 

Symptoms: Belly band usage, moderate acne (hello, 10th grade), sleepiness.
Belly button in or out?  In. 
Wedding rings on or off?  On. 
Happy or moody most of the time:  Still happy!
Looking forward to: Feeling Tadpole kick. 

15 Weeks

Ignore the fact that I completely skipped weeks 13 and 14! Things have been so busy around here with work, Christmas shopping and life. But I finally got it together and had Landon take my 15 week pictures yesterday morning. I'm still not super pregnant-y looking, but my bump is definitely bigger than in my 12 week pictures!
How far along? 15 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain:  1-2 pounds, depending on when I weigh myself. I've really been eating whatever I want when I want, but between my random cravings and the cold that I've kept the last few weeks, I haven't actually wanted too much to eat. The appetite is slooowly returning, and I'm glad not to feel so nauseated all the time!
Maternity clothes: I can't button my regular pants anymore! I only have one pair of maternity jeans so far (they've been in heavy rotation), and I've been trying to utilize anything jersey, stretchy or loose. Those items are becoming increasingly snug, though. I got a BeMaternity belly band at Target last night, and I got to wear my regular jeans (above) again today (my sister is a smart one for suggesting that purchase). Hello, old friends--I missed you!
Sleep: I'm getting better at not napping all the time. There are some days after school that I come home and rest for an hour or two, and then there are other days when I won't feel sleepy until I get ready for bed at 10 PM. I still fall asleep instantly, and I'm still having wacky, vivid dreams; during nap time on Thursday, I was so worried about my housing arrangements at Clemson because I'd forgotten to tell Housing that I still wanted to be an RA! Weird. 
Best moment this week: Going through potential baby registry items online with Landon. I'm ready to start buying some loot for this baby! I also love how excited Landon's getting. Our friends just had a new baby girl this week (hello, baby Anna!), and I think he's really starting to realize how awesome this is all going to be next summer. 
Miss anything? I could drink a gallon of sweet tea right now. I also miss being able to sleep through the night without having to get up and pee like an ancient person. 
Movement:  Still nothing. I'm on high alert, though--it's got to happen in the next few weeks, right?
Food cravings:  My salty/ savory cravings remain strong. Lately, I'm loving Sun Chips and Baked Lays and onion dip.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I'm working through my aversion to sweets. I found myself going after some of those Danish butter cookies that come in the blue tin. Yummy! 
Gender:  Landon and my sister think girl. I'm still on the fence, but if I had to go one way or the other right now, I'd also say girl. But all I'm really after here is a healthy, happy baby come June 10th--boy or girl makes little difference to me. 
Labor signs:  Nope. 

Symptoms: Belly band usage, moderate acne (hello, 10th grade), sleepiness.
Belly button in or out?  In. My stomach really doesn't look any different, other than it's poofier.
Wedding rings on or off?  On. 
Happy or moody most of the time:  Still happy. But I think that's mostly my personality: I'm just a happy person.
Looking forward to: Opening all of Tadpole's presents next week. My family has gone all out for Christmas this year!

So, 13 Weeks Came and Went...

I'm already a terrible parent. I had every intention of taking my pictures weekly from here on out, but then last week got in the way.

For the first part of the week, we had our ancient air handler replaced. The thing was a behemoth from the dark ages (or, 1987...pretty much the same thing when it comes to appliances). It had mold and nasty junk on it, so Tadpole and I decamped to my parents' house, lest I breathe in any of the grossness. My parents had busy weeks last week, too, so more often than not, no one was home during daylight hours to take my picture.

Then, Landon went hunting the later part of the week, so I continued to stay with my parents. I'll freely admit it: I'm a weeny when it comes to staying by myself. I'm totally convinced the Mothman or some ghosts are going to come get me at night. Still no picture.

I was SO busy this weekend working on my Christmas shopping that the picture didn't even cross my mind until Tuesday, by which time I had entered my 14th week.

Luckily though, I haven't changed much at all. I'm still rocking the super tiny baby bump, which you'll see in my 14 week pictures (hopefully, coming in a day or two!!).

12 Weeks

I had my first maternity photo shoot last night (i.e. Landon nicely acquiesced to my result during his late lunch break and snapped a few pics in our backyard). I don't know why, but these made me feel so weird.

Maybe it's because I look pudgy in them. Though, as Landon keeps reminding me, it's not pudge--it's Tadpole!

Maybe because the pregnancy is starting to feel real now that I'm beginning to show. I mean, I guess I could have had a really long bout of the stomach flu this whole time, right?!

Either way, I'm excited to finally be at this stage in my pregnancy...even if it means feeling totally awkward during my weekly pictures. I've still got many, many weeks left to perfect them, though.

No, I didn't eat too many pieces of pizza. That's the world's scrawniest baby bump!
Isn't the shirt adorable? My co-worker Brittany made it for me as my birthday present. About a week before my birthday, I'd admired a shirt just like that on Pinterest, but hadn't mentioned it to Brittany. A week later, guess what shows up in my birthday bag? Great minds must think alike!

And then Landon got super fancy and artsy and wanted me to stand on the tree next to the marsh. 

And now, to steal an idea from Becky over at Welcome to the Good Life

A weekly Q and A!
How far along? 12 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain:  0-1 pound, depending on when I weigh myself. My mom and sister are betting on how much I will gain, which makes me wonder what they think of my eating habits!
Maternity clothes: Most of my regular sized pants are super snug and uncomfortable. I can wear my stretchy jeggings (like in the pics above) with no problem, as well as anything with a jersey waistband. I did buy a pair of maternity jeans that I've worn twice--they are a little big right now, but they are so comfortable! My mom and I went shopping for several tops this past weekend, but I haven't worn any of our purchases yet. 
Sleep: I could sleep all the time right now. I'm totally in bed by 9:20 every night or I am a grumpy, grumpy person the next day. 
Best moment this week: Telling my students at school. They were so excited! One of the little girls kept saying, "Ms. Natalie is going to get a baby!" like I would pick it out at Walmart when it was time. After I explained that I already had the baby, but it was getting stronger inside me, she kept patting my stomach and calling me "Ms. Mommy Vereen-Davis" the rest of the day. I was so happy that they were happy for me!
Miss anything? Sweet tea, Diet Cokes and caramel Frappachinos. Yum yum yum. 
Movement:  Nothing yet. I'm really excited to finally feel the baby!
Food cravings:  Anything salty or savory. I've particularly been in love with Chik-fil-A's Chicken Caesar Cool Wraps. I could eat them three times a day. Pizza, pasta, and anything buffalo chicken has also been a big draw lately. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I'm hopefully over most of the queasiness, but I still don't like looking at or smelling raw meat. I still have a complete and utter aversion to all things sweet, though. 
Gender:  No clue. We're finding out at the end of January!
Labor signs:   Thank heavens, no.
Symptoms: Sleepiness, random bouts of crying, food cravings. 
Belly button in or out?  Still looks exactly the same--in!
Wedding rings on or off?  On. I told Landon he was going to have to buy me a sparkly replacement when that time comes. I'm not holding my breath.
Happy or moody most of the time:  Mostly happy. My students haven't even gotten to me yet, which I definitely would have thought would have happened by now. 
Looking forward to: Finally having a real baby bump, rather than the pizza/ beer gut it looks like I'm currently rocking.