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Disney World Bound: Our 2014 Pre-Trip Planning

I love Disney World.

I love the rides.

I love the shows.

I love the parades, and I'm totally that person that's waiting on the sidewalk a good 45 minutes before the thing even starts.

Call me weird, but I even love the way the buses smell. I know I'm smelling diesel fuel exhaust, but something about it just screams VACATION! to me.

A Good Day: A Blog Linkup

It's my first ever blog linkup! Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm super awesome. :) See the bottom of the post for the link up. 

2nd Sunday on King

2nd Sunday on King

Every month, the City of Charleston closes down most of lower King Street and makes it pedestrians-only. King Street is one of the major shopping streets on the Charleston peninsula, and it's a fun area normally--but when there are musicians playing in the street, al fresco dining, and people parading their dogs around, it's down right awesome.

How to Save Money on Your Trip to Scotland

How to Save Money on Your Trip to Scotland | CosmosMariners.com

I love to travel. And I've had the opportunity to see some amazing places and meet some amazing people.

But one of my absolutely favorite trips was with my husband to Scotland in 2011. I'd wanted to visit the country way back when I was studying abroad in London in 2005; I had a weekend trip planned for Edinburgh, but the 7/7 bombings happened, and I didn't feel comfortable traveling that close to the terrorist attack. 

Landon was game to head to the UK on our first big trans-Atlantic trip, so we started planning where we'd like to go and what we had to see.

9 Months of Awesomeness

It's that time again--when, every 30 days, I get to wax poetic about my daughter, who clearly is becoming more adorable, brilliant, and perfect with every passing day.

And by "perfect," I mean, "more capable of propelling herself face first into the dog food, and then screaming like I'm the world's worst parent when I won't let her eat it."

Behind the Blog: What's in a Name?

Naming a blog is really hard.

Much like naming a baby, you have to pick something that will stand the test of time.

Brookgreen Gardens

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Since we didn't do too much for Valentine's Day, Landon and I thought it would be fun to take a little roadtrip sans baby.

We haven't had a day all alone since Britton was born last summer, so we figured it was high time for us to have some time together. After Landon found a Groupon to Brookgreen Gardens, we found a day that would work for us and our babysitters (i.e. my parents). We also wanted a pretty day to explore the Gardens (which are completely outside. Imagine that--an outdoor garden!), so we waited until there was a nice day.