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Tea at the Grand Floridian

Anyone who knows me even sort of well can tell you that I am an unabashed Anglophile.

I mean, I named my daughter Britton. And I have two degrees in British Literature. The love runs deep.

One of my favorite things about British culture is afternoon tea. I was first introduced to this wonderful experience during the first day of my London study abroad program. It was love at first dollop of clotted cream. 

Since I don't live in England, I have to find places that serve afternoon tea so that I can satisfy my inner Anglophile. 

When I found out that I could go to an afternoon tea at Disney World, I nearly exploded from excitement. Here were two of my favorite things in the entire world combined

Walt Disney World #4Parks1Day Challenge: Part IV (Magic Kingdom)

I won't lie. Animal Kingdom sucked the life out of us.

There wasn't any breeze. It was at least 100 degrees. There were people everywhere. 

Most people don't know this, but fighting your way through a crowd at Disney is an excellent workout. (How else are you supposed to earn a popcorn or Mickey ice cream?!) But who needs to workout in the middle of a June day in the blazing sun? 

Not me.

Walt Disney World #4Parks1Day Challenge: Part III (Animal Kingdom)

After conquering both Hollywood Studios and Epcot by 3:00 p.m., my sister and I were working hard to stay upbeat and focused on the #4parks1day challenge.

I have to say that doing just that was getting harder and harder as the day wore on, the temperatures started rising, and the crowds got thicker. 

We hopped on a bus from Epcot and headed to Animal Kingdom. Usually, I don't notice the bus drivers too much, but this time, we had the World's Slowest Driver.

Seriously. I tried to bestow the official title on him as we disembarked.

Walt Disney World #4Parks1Day Challenge: Part II (Epcot)

At the end of the last blog post, my sister and I had just conquered our first park of four. 

We bid Hollywood Studios adieu and headed to Epcot via the Friendship Boats. We'd originally planned to walk the mile between the two parks, but I am so, so, so glad that we didn't--we were already walking enough as it was, and the temperatures were rising fast. 

Walt Disney World 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge: Part I (Hollywood Studios)

Walt Disney World 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge: Part I (Hollywood Studios) | CosmosMariners.com

The 4 Parks 1 Day challenge by the numbers: 

15 hours. 

11.5 rides. 

1 bucket of popcorn.

2 Mickey ice creams. 

4 bus rides.

1 monorail ride. 

1 boat ride.

4 parks. 

1 day. 

To put it simply, the Walt Disney World 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge was intense. But it was an intense success!!!

 I have SO much to share, including pictures, an award-winning video (uh, that won an award that I gave myself) and tips on how you can do your own (if you're that crazy), so keep checking back throughout the week. 

But today, we're going to talk about the first park of the challenge. Bottom line: we had no clue what we'd gotten ourselves into...

Disney in June and the #4Parks1Day Challenge

I have been waiting so long to write this post, but kept putting it off. I knew once I wrote the post that I would be headed to Disney World in a very, very short time.

Here I am, a mere day from being back in one of my favorite places in the world. Words can't express how excited I am. For the last few days, I've been freaking Landon out because we'll be watching TV or cleaning or something, and he'll look over at me and I'll have this giant smile on my face. 


As I mentioned a while back, this trip came unexpectedly. Since my sister has to go to the Orlando area for a work conference, she invited me along for company...and to sneak some Disney into our lives. It's basically a cobbled together sisters' trip--no husbands or boyfriends or kids or parents. (We'll be doing the family trip in December). We'll be there from Friday night to Wednesday afternoon, and I plan on packing as much Disney awesomeness into those few days as possible. 

Let's review the major parts of the trip, shall we?


Folks, we've reached the end of the line. I've said (nearly) all I could say about my England 2012 trip with my home school students. It's been a fun way to revisit this gargantuan marathon of a trip, and I promise that I'll do better about posting about my future travels in a more timely manner. :)

We did three things in Greenwich. If you're planning a day there, let me advise you: do NOT do all three of these things in one day. You will hate yourself because you will be super rushed. Spread them out over two days. 

With that being said, onward into the Greenwich day recap!