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Roadtrippin' Like a Vagabond Family

I know I just got back from Orlando, but we're getting ready to leave again.

It's a tough life I lead. 

Visiting Port Orleans Resort at Walt Disney World: French Quarter + Riverside

Visiting Port Orleans Resort at Walt Disney World: French Quarter + Riverside | CosmosMariners.com

Way back when I was a wee traveler, my parents would load up my sister and I in our grandparents' motorhome for a week at Walt Disney World. Our love of WDW started with pony rides at Fort Wilderness and splashing in the Mardi Gras pool at Port Orleans.

Those two places were the staples of our early Disney trips. But then, in the 90s, two things happened to change all of that: 

1) Port Orleans was refurbished and upgraded to a moderate resort, and

2) The motorhome finally found a new home (after 25 years in service to my grandparents and our extended family, it was probably time).

Cookes of Dublin

No, that's not a typo. It's CookEs of Dublin.

Not Cooks.

But CookES.
Cookes of Dublin

Because it's not authentically British/ Irish/ English unless you add that extra, completely unnecessary 'e.' 

A Fourth-tastic Weekend

Happy birthday, America!

We had a fun-filled weekend with way, way too much food, gallons of sweet tea, and a wonderful ending to our latest home improvement project. Who knew we could pack so much into a three day weekend?!

On the Fourth, we ended up eating two massive dinners. The first was at Landon's uncle's house.

Thanks to Landon's Uncle Jack for letting me steal this pic!

Buena Vista Palace at Downtown Disney

In the cruelest of all situations, Amber (my sister and fellow Disney addict) had to get up early and move hotels the day after we'd finished our 4 Parks/ 1 Day Challenge. We were not happy campers. 

After propping our eyes open with tooth picks and ingesting multiple pastries at the food court, we checked out of Pop Century and headed to our second home away from home on this trip: the Buena Vista Palace (heretofore known as BVP because I have better things to do with my time then figure out the vowel arrangement in "Buena" forty more times). 

Buena Vista Palace

Wolfgang Puck Express at Downtown Disney

If you haven't noticed by now, this week's posts focus on the places my sister and I stayed and where we ate while on our recent Disney World trip. A comfy bed and tasty food is what makes a vacation, right?

While the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian was definitely tops in the gastronomic offerings during out trip, we did try several new places as well. 

One of those places was Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney's Marketplace. Hidden away to the right of the Disney Christmas shop, this quick service restaurant offers up pasta, pizza, and salads.

Warning: reading the rest of this post may cause intense carb cravings!

Wolfgang Puck Express

Walt Disney World's Pop Century Hotel: A Review

Walt Disney World's Pop Century Hotel: A Review

For the first two nights of our Sisters' Trip, we stayed at Pop Century. Besides being one of our favorite hotels, staying there granted us access to Disney's Extra Magic Hours for our 4 Parks/ 1 Day Challenge.