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Historic Travelers Who Will Inspire Your Next Trip: 100 to 1500 AD

Historic Travelers Who Will Inspire Your Next Trip: 100 to 1500 AD | CosmosMariners.com

I'm about to tell you something that will rock your world, so get ready:

Travel existed before 1981.


I know. It's hard to believe that people would be interested in leaving their hometowns prior to Instagram, Facebook, and Polaroid cameras, but it happened. And, given that travel blogs, Lonely Planet, the Travel Channel, and Rick Steves didn't exist a few decades ago, it's a wonder that people found themselves anywhere.

But these historic travelers did go out into the world despite the lack of infrastructure and amenities to which modern day travelers now have access. In many cases, travelers back in the day just packed their suitcases and sailed off into the horizon, hopefully to be seen again. They didn't have hotel reservations (or even a bed in many cases), a guided tour, or guaranteed meals. They either had to be very, very brave or ridiculously stupid (or maybe a little of both.)

4 Gorgeous Eastern European Cities to Put on Your Bucket List

4 Gorgeous Eastern European Cities to Put on Your Bucket List | CosmosMariners.com

The next time you're wishing for a European vacation, look past the obvious choices like Paris, London, and Rome. Instead, consider heading to Eastern Europe and spending time there. Not only will you have fewer crowds to fight (since this part of the European continent is a bit of a hidden gem for travelers), your budget will stretch further as there are bargains to be had throughout Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe is a term used to describe a number of countries that were formally part of the Soviet Union, in other words behind the Iron Curtain. There is much heated dispute about which countries actually constitute Eastern Europe but some of the better known names are Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania and Moldova. There are many more, and together they offer a huge variety of wonderful destinations.

Here are 4 up-and-coming spots in Eastern Europe that deserve your attention!

31 Incredible Museums from around the World

31 Incredible Museums from around the World | CosmosMariners.com

As someone who believes that learning is a lifelong process, I'm a huge fan of discovering new museums on my travels. Gone are the days of stuffy, off-putting museums where the main focus was keeping guests as far away as possible from the items of display. Instead, today's museums are vibrant, lively, and interactive: there's a focus on immersion and what the role of a museum is in today's society. Often, contemporary museums ask as many questions about the visitors as they do about the exhibits (thank you, postmodernism!)

I asked 31 fellow travel bloggers to share their favorite museums and received a wide array of submissions focusing on museums from across the globe. As you go through these, you'll notice what makes these museums so memorable: many are quirky, many delve into difficult subject matter (both in depth and in topic), and many are focused on topics that never would've been seen in museums 50 years ago (hello, comic books and neon lights). 

Add a few of these to your next trip and see how a fantastic museum can help you shape new opinions about the world around you.

A New Kind of Guidebook: A Geek in China {Review}

A New Kind of Guidebook: A Geek in China {Review} | CosmosMariners.com

Part travelogue, part guidebook, and part pictorial, A Geek in China: Discovering the Land of Alibaba, Bullet Trains, and Dimsum is Matthew B. Christensen's love letter to this vast Asian nation.

While I love travel guides of all kinds (what's not to love about the winning combo of books + travel?!), there are some that really capture my imagination: ones with stunning pictures, personal anecdotes, and actionable advice for delving into the culture. As soon as I pulled A Geek in China out of the box, I was stunned--the full color cover is eye-catching and covered in pictures. It's completely different than the covers of Fodor's, Rick Steves, and Lonely Planet, and it pops out of my collection of travel guides with its vibrant colors.

Visiting the Historic Sites of Trier, Germany

Visiting the Historic Sites of Trier, Germany | CosmosMariners.com

The last stop we made in Germany before crossing the border into Luxembourg was in Trier, a mid-sized town of just over 100,000. Located on the Moselle River, Trier is a typical German town, much like dozens of others you can find in the Moselle wine region. But one thing sets Trier apart: the town claims that it has been continually inhabited since 1300 BC (give or take a few years).

Monthly Blog Goals: January 2017

Monthly Blog Goals: January 2017 | CosmosMariners.com

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic start to 2017. We stuck around Charleston for Christmas, and then went to see my in-laws in the upper part of South Carolina for New Year's Eve. The best part of our NYE celebration was watching the Clemson Tigers solidly beat Ohio State: my favorite football team is now headed to the National Championship for the second year in a row. (Let's hope the Clemson-Alabama matchup ends differently than it did last year!)

5 Off the Beaten Path Places in New Orleans You Can't Miss

5 Off the Beaten Path Places in New Orleans You Can't Miss | CosmosMariners.com

Who doesn't love New Orleans? After all, the Big Easy is known for some of most famous haunts and watering holes in the world. However, the city is more than beads, cocktails, and Bourbon Street.

New Orleans is filled with fascinating museums, saturated with art and bursting with music. If you are looking to experience New Orleans without the hustle and bustle of the usual tourist attractions, there is a wide selection of off-the-beaten-path attractions to be found...if you know where to look.