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How to Achieve Instagram Perfection in Montreal {Guest Post by FlightHub}

How to Achieve Instagram Perfection in Montreal {Guest Post by FlightHub} | CosmosMariners.com

Last month, the editors at FlightHub took over my blog for a day to share all of the reasons that they thought the Canadian city of Montreal was magical. They're back today to tell you how to best capture all of that incredible scenery on your Instagram feed!


In a time where a ‘if it’s not on the ‘Gram, did it even happen’ mentality prevails, how do you make sure to get the best photos for your feed? Montreal is a city best seen through its streets and on foot (or on a bike, if you’re so inclined).

Houses and Homes 

The best way to describe and characterize Montreal’s architecture is by its eclectic and diverse style. In a single neighborhood homes can vary from Victorian-era décor to modern minimalist design. Depending on which area of Montreal you’re interested in photographing, homes with spiraling staircases or exactly measured cubic designs can be found with ease. 

In the trendy area of Le Plateau, find quintessential Montreal-style homes easily and in abundance. With spiraling staircases leading to ornately designed doors with stained glass windows, or brightly painted balconies and Victorian-styled roofs, Le Plateau will give you some of the best Instagram pics for your feed. 

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FlightHub’s pro tip for finding the best spot? Check out St. Louis Square. The homes that surround the park are majestic and perfectly preserved, evoking a sense of nostalgia and wonder from Montreal’s past. 

Vintage shops and quirky spots 

Ask any fashionista and home guru in Montreal to describe the city’s style and the first thing they’ll tell you is this: effortlessly cool. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping in some of the higher end shops and boutiques on St Catherine, or if you’re rummaging through bargain and second-hand shops, Montreal is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be found. 

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For the best of both worlds (home decors and fashion), FlightHub recommends taking a quick stroll through Fairmount and St. Viateur. Both are cross streets to the busy St. Laurent Boulevard (popularly dubbed The Main), and are home to some of the city’s best shops and make for the perfect Instagram opportunity. 

Cityscape & Crisp Architecture 

Looking for buildings that’ll make both classic and modern architecture enthusiasts salivate? Then look no further than Montreal’s Golden Square Mile. As the name suggests, this is an architectural wonder for those looking to create something entirely unique on their feed.

Where old and new meet and blend together, the Golden Square Mile is where you can get the best of old-world architecture mixed with simplicity and symmetry. Both styles make for a wonderful photo opportunity that will easily dominate your Instagram feed. 

For the best city-scape photo, FlightHub recommends heading to Westmount Square, where the flat surfaces and clean lines make an aerial shot worth your wild. If you’re looking to mix it up a bit, then head to The Ritz Carleton on de Maisonneuve Boulevard where you’ll find the perfect balance of old and new. 

City Views 

Though there is great debate among Montrealers as to where the best view of the city lies, all this means for your Instagram feed is that you’ve got options! Depending on what area of Montreal you want to see FlightHub recommends going to these locations: 

For the most famous view, hike up Mont Royal and hit up the Chalet. There you’ll find a beautiful paved lookout point equipped with tower viewers at your disposal. This is a very popular spot for tourists which means it may be difficult to get the best shot you’re looking for. 

If you don’t feel like hiking, heading to the mountain’s second lookout Camillien Houde is another great option (and is accessible by car!). Overlook the eastern part of the city with a glorious view of the Olympic Stadium. 

If you’re looking for something a bit different then shimmy your way to Architecture Park. Located just off the highway the spot offers modern contemporary sculptures of half-finished classic pieces all the while overlooking the beautiful South West of Montreal. 

By the Water 

Seeing that Montreal is an island, grabbing that waterfront view is necessary when visiting the city. There are plenty of places to see some of the best spots on the river, so make sure you’ve got some waterproof boots on and make your way. 

FlightHub suggests making your way to the Montreal Clock Tower located in the Quai de l’Horloge in the Old Port of Montreal. The tower was originally constructed overseas and was meant to be a memorial for Canadian sailors who died in the Great War. This spectacular white tower makes for a perfect backdrop to the waterfront. 

If you’re looking for something for that great picture that’s off the beaten track, then FlightHub suggests making your way to the West Island of Montreal and take a casual stroll along the beautifully preserved Lakeshore Boulevard. As a Canadian Heritage site, the boulevard’s architecture and community is preserved to resemble its original beginnings. Shop in local boutiques and make sure to grab some beautiful photos of the Paroisses Saint-Joachim and its iconic red doors.   

How to Achieve Instagram Perfection in Montreal {Guest Post by FlightHub} | CosmosMariners.com

Have you visited Montreal? What would be your go-to place in the city for the perfect Instagram photo?

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